ESE start date 2023

Hi all

ESE has expressed a delay in mobilization of overseas teachers. This has no doubt added to existing anxieties experienced by many.

While we have no control over these matters , I have found this forum to be exponentially helpful in alleviating feelings of helplessness ; as we generously share information with each other to stay in the loop.

Please share your thoughts regarding a possible starting time with ESE for 2023. The objective of this would be to assist others with their own thoughts processes.

While these dates may be pure speculation, a pattern may develop to assist in calculating a plausible wait time as we manage our finances etc accordingly.

Sorry about the length of trend.


By this point, I have no idea. From what I found online, it usually takes about a month to fly out once you sign the final contract, but it has been almost two months now since I signed mine, and there's still no news about our joining date. I can't keep waiting for much longer :(

Understood. I signed my final contract almost 2 months ago as well.

Hi, for me I succeeded in test and interview and sent my papers 1.5 years ago and no reply until now and no contracts sent to me I am outside UAE and applied with a recruitment agency

Any help

@sidoorf Sorry to hear this. This is an exponentially long waiting period. Maybe your chances of acceptance might get better if you reapply. There are adverts out at the moment. Dont give up!   

I applied directly last year. Written test was conducted a month later on 17 April 2022 and results were declared on 20th April.

I qualified and they sent an email asking joining time preferences, which I filled as August 2022.

However, they haven't moved ahead to conduct interview yet.

No replies on application status either.

Don't know if I am going to get the interview invite at all.


Did you apply on the website?

@Sarah Elsekhawy


I applied through government portal directly and received communication from one Kjartan Rigby of Emirates School Establishment


What websites are featuring those advertisements?

Last I checked, the T4UAE and MOE Jobs page were not working

@Sarah Elsekhawy No, through an agent

@Shah96 MOE has had only one posting of a vacancy for a Franch teacher for quite a while.  I saw the adverts for teachers for 2023 April and August start through Edvectus and World Teachers recruitment agencies.

My wife has an online assessment with them next week.

Is there anyway to do a practice test for early years/primary


How long did you have to wait for your offer letter?

@Carlyle Fortune

I've also recently gone through interview and been asked to send in my documents. 

Things are slow there and  you have to be doing the chasing up.

all this has been two weeks 3rd April - 18th.

Still no word on next steps.

do you mind sharing your process and timelines

I passed the interview on the 23rd of March and I submitted my documents on the 29th of March. I have been waiting for the last few weeks for the offer letter.

I passed the interview on the 23rd of March and I submitted my documents on the 29th of March. I have been waiting for the last few weeks for the offer letter.

@Classic Dominoes My wife has passed the assessment for English early yrs and primary.

@yash05 can you give some insight on what questions they ask in the interview?

@Shah96 hi..I am waiting for response through email to Kjartan Rigby. Do you have any other contact details for Kjartan Rigby?



have you received any primary contract?

No I haven't.

Best Regards


@Sarah Elsekhawy which websit

Anyone got the final Offer and

joining date yet?

@Narcas Hii have you been placed since your last email

@Areena Jarrah Hi. I received my offer letter. I submitted my attested documents and I am now waiting for the final contract.

Anyone else here waiting for the final Offer? How long did you receive yours from the time you received the initial offer? Got the initial offer letter on 29th March.

@ellybrayden Hi. I am waiting for the final contract as well now.

@San79 How did you apply with ESE? Please share website or consultant details.

@San79  from recruiters job posting. World teacher, astute, edvectus to name a few... You can search on google too.

@ellybrayden Thanks for your response.  I am from India and teacher in UAE. Edvectus,seekteachers, worldteachers don't accept Indian teachers .

@yash05 hy, how much time they took for offer letter after submitting all documents?

How much time for offer letter after submitting the documents ?

Hey is anyone working via teachanywhere?

@Sonia Farrukh57 I got the offer letter first. After I signed the offer, I was asked for my attested documents to process the final contract. This has been my timeline.

I was told two days after the interview that I passed. I then waited 6 weeks for an offer letter. Once it was signed, I sent my attested documents for a final contract to be processed. I have been waiting for about 3 weeks for the final contract.

@yash05 thanks alot, how much time to wait for the final contracr

Finally received the final contract today.

Timeline: Received the initial offer on March 29 submitted on April 17 and documents.

@Sonia Farrukh57 received initial offer letter March 29. submitted the signed initial offer and the documents on April 17. Received the final contract june 1, 2023.

@ellybrayden Can you perhaps tell me how long did it take upon receiving your contact and offer letter after your interview.was successfull

@yash05 did you got the final contract?

Hi Teachers, just want to ask who has received their official contract after signing in the initial job offer and submitted all the required documents for ESE? How long does the process take to get the official contract from their side and then be able to resign from your current employer? I've been waiting for 2 weeks now to get the official contract and I am supposed to start in August 2023