Single female Moving to Egypt

Hi all, my name is Amanda and I'm new to the forum. I am moving to Egypt in the next six months, but have some questions.

I want to live in a small town away from the touristy areas - I am open to any location, I am moving to Egypt to study the language and complete my master's degree so I am open to moving anywhere. What would the rent be in the small town?

What is the general cost of things in Egypt? I'm not high maintenance - I don't need to buy any western items/groceries - so items like:
Electricity (incuding AC):
Internet: (is there high speed/unlimited data)
Cell phone:
beef (any cut):
metal lanterns (I see these in the souk pictures, so beautiful):
How much do you tip in Egypt - (doorman, restaurant, taxi, other):

thank you for your help!


Hi Amanda,

I invite you to have a look at the Cost of living in Egypt – 2015 topic, you might find some relevant and useful information. ;)


Priscilla  :cheers:

Hi Amanda
In case you will be staying in Cairo, there're several neighborhoods which are not touristy but also known for the large numbers of foreigners living there. Very three famous areas are New Cairo, Ma'adi and Nasr City. I recommend New Cairo as its quiet and organized.
Coming to the costs, I live by myself in a rented small flat so I think I'd be a good example:

Rent fare: 1700 EGP per month
this is a two bedroom flat, well furnished and located in a quiet place. You can manage another way by renting a not furnished flat (900 EGP per month) and buy a used furniture.
But the areas for foreigners, the houses are a bit more well furnished and a lot more expensive. it ranges from 3000~10000 EGP per month

Electricity (including AC): I pay 19-25 EGP monthly. Note that I work full time so I'm out of the house for almost 10 hours
Internet: We have up to 8 MB ADSL, 350 EGP monthly

Cell phone: I pay 100 monthly including voice calls and 3.5 GB mobile data

Water: I don't know because I never paid it :D but mainly 60 ~ 70 EGP per 3 months
Milk: 10 EGP per litre
rice: 6 EGP per kg
Fruits\veggies: 3~20 EGP per kg (depending on the type)
fish: 15~120 per kg (depending on the type)
beef: 80 EGP per kg
lamb: 120 EGP per kg
metal lanterns: I don't know.

Tip: Depends on the level of the place. doorman: 0~10 and taxis: 0~5 EGP
Restaurant: 0~50

Hope I helped making it close to you. If you need any help ask again.
Good luck

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Hi Amanda,

I Highly suggest befriending a girl online from cairo or Alexandria.
Going in a town on Egypt on your own is not an easy thing. Its not problematic though.
The friend will save you a lot of money. and will also save you from any potential scams.
Metal Lanterns are in season now(called Fanoos ramadan In Arabic "Ramadan Lanterns")! (holy month of Ramadan) Usually the best looking one should not be more than ~ 15 USD.
I can ask my sister if you like, she has 2 babies at the moment, she is a decent interlocutor and will be glad to help you out. I have to ask her first, her english is fluent and she is in Alexandria. (I am not there, migrated a year ago)
The numbers in the post above are perfect, but in general, the cost in egypt is very low for foreigners at the moment provided you had a bit of guidance..
For Taxis, i Definitely suggest Uber.

Hi Amanda
Living in Egypt is very cheap , if u decided to live in a small nice town I recommend Suez , Ismailia
If u like cities , so Cairo or Alexandria
3000 EGP is a moderate cost per month
1000/1500 EGP monthly rent
Electricity (incuding AC): 200/300 EGP
Internet: (is there high speed/unlimited data) : 100 EGP
Cell phone: if you mean bill so it is around 100
Garbage/Water/Other: 100
milk: one box for 7 EGP
rice: 5 EGP kilo
fruits/vegetables: starts with 7 to 15
fish: starts with 15
beef (any cut): around 80 EGP
metal lanterns (I see these in the souk pictures, so beautiful): 100
How much do you tip in Egypt - (doorman, restaurant, taxi, other): 5 to 10 EGP

Hi Amanda, I would suggest that you live in Maadi since it's the most safe place for foreigners and have a lot of emabassies in addition to many clubs including the American Club.
Have a nice stay and hope that we can be friends if you happen to be in Cairo.
Best Regards


The cost of food is slightly lower than that in the UK. However the quality is not as consistently high as it is in the UK. Utility (electricity, gas, phone calls) are a lot lower. Electricity bill if you have AC can be around £30/month maximum. Gas is a lot lower. There is no Council tax although the Egyptian government is trying to introduce. Even if they are introduced, it will be a lot lower than in the UK.

Watch the traffic.

My recommendation is stay with the UK community in the initial stages. Egyptians are very friendly - you will be ok.


Electricity (incuding AC): normal about 50 pounds a month with takeef (a/c) about 125
Internet: (is there high speed/unlimited data)always ask befor you move in if you can get net some areas in smaller towns do not have .....cost 125 to 220 according to speed needed  wiyh Tdata
Cell phone: bring an unlocked cell mobile and get from Etisalat for 100 pounds a month  3g and 3000 minutes
Garbage/Water/Other: garbage 10 pounds a month water 25 to 50 a month
milk: you might not want to par take in this
water: a case of water Dasani is 30 pounds
rice:  all of these different to your area but are sold by the key low and rather inexpensive ........except for the meat.......
fish: this is the best about 20 to 50 pounds fresh or cooked
beef (any cut):
metal lanterns (I see these in the souk pictures, so beautiful):
How much do you tip in Egypt - (doorman, restaurant, taxi, other): what ever you want according to service but do not go over board 10 to 20 pounds
where ever you live make sure it is close to the metro you can go almost any where on the metro
the man suggested Maadi and Nasar City and one other one which are expensive places to live in Egypt where the foreignors live,,,,,,I live in a smaller place and it is wonderful
I live in Wdi Hof on the metro my rent is 800 a month spend not more the 1,100 for all living expenses gas and water and garabge and electric and rent and net ........ and the neighborhood markets are very inexpensive a key low of oranges 5 pounds key low of cucumbers 4 pounds a key low of bannans 4 pounds
Hadayek Helwan and places about 20 minutes south of Cairo are the best on the metro of course walking distance
now the exchange of the dollar to pound is $8.88 nice for you but not so good for the Egyptians
Egyptian people are lovely and helpful and kind you will love them they will help you with every thing.....and the children are wonderful
the only problem is medical.......medication is very cheep here and the doctors but the doctors do no testing to see what is wrong just give you medication......
any more questions just ask have been here ten years.......and I love it
have a great experience and be sure to see Luxor and Aswan in January and February.....and Alex any time of year

every one wants to put you in Maadi with all the foreigners and the higher prices

but from what I hear from you.... you want to experience Egypt not meet foreigners
and all most all of Egypt is safe ......Cairo its self is where most demonstrations go on
so the towns along the metro are much safer and better prices......
you need a furnished or unfurnished as to how long you stay
Egypt is very safe in 10 years I have been here I have never been scared and I went to the Square during the revolution....I have never been scared here and I go every place mostly alone.....
but when you come I can help you find what ever you want and if you need a place to stay when you first come my home is open to you.....I live in a family building and am well protected......

as I said Egypt is lovely....and the people wonderful

Hello there,

Simply check airbnb and you will find apartments to rent everywhere with ratings and reviews so you can choose better.

The hosts there will be more than happy to show you around and settle you in (answer all ur price-related questions).


and please remember if some one helps you find a flat then you owe them the price of the flat also

if your flat is 1,600 then you pay the man 1,600 for taking you to see it

and you also need to pay one month in advance for each year and last month

so will be 6,400 to move in

I paid 3,200 so be flat was 800

no deposits for the gas or electric or the water

but you will need to buy the modem or router and the cable for the internet and pay every month

and the receiver and cable and dish for the TV and to set it up also but no monthly charge

I suggest new cairo for you very quiet and you will like it

New Cairo   Away from metro and expensive

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I think she wanted Cairo area not in Upper Egypt......Luxor is very far from Cairo about 8 hours and much much much hotter

but I do love Luxor and the people.......................................... she has to visit Luxor

al mostaqbal city in front of al shrook city , is very cheap residence and near cairo international airport half hour

downtown of cairo city , ther are city called mar gerges , it is very cheap full of

student from faculty of medicine

when you come to egypt , go to your country embassy , for registartion  withinn   6  monthe , all services free in this perion
after six month , the embassy collect fees from you to any services
and for protection by introducing advices about good places in egypt
we hope to be happy here ,  Egypt as  second home  for you

Hello everyone,

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All the best,

hello Amanda . I think that the questions about this variable goods and are not fixed, and I also think that in the past 6 months, prices will change, but also the question and the prices vary from city to city
Only the right question is how much per month you can act less thing I think is 2500 LE if you will live in Alexandria

Hey guys
Am planning to start regular weekly gathering.
Let's share ideas and make plans

I am a foreigner like you here in egypt . I can tell you that foot , electricity , gas , water are not expensive at All , but the hose will be depending where exactly you might live .
For more

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I have been in Egypt ten years live in Hadayek Helwan and except for once always been safe never been afraid     
In the states always need a gun but in Egypt never even thought I needed one
But you have to be careful and know your surroundings     

Dr. Maimunah Shehab

I love Egypt

I the cost of living in Cairo is not high. Maybe visiting the cost of living in Egypt will help u a lot

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for your safety and to be close to the embassy  and immigration office you should live in Cairo or Alexandria
expenses including rent , food  and transportation  ext.. will be close to 700 dollars ,
may be you will share a room in an apartment so you will get it cheaper
range between 2500-5000
in Cairo where expat community prefers is maadi ,zamalek, dokki, downtown,
rest are new cities and far from center so you will be paying transportation at least 15 dollars every time you need to go to town
most important when you arrive is to go to immigration office and have a longer visa
living in small cities is not like in Europe living in France not in Paris but in Marseille, here small cities have another image than the one you have in mind
in other words i can stay in another city than capital cause it will be hard on me from all points of view
so what you will do  :)
rest is easy you will find it out by yourself
remember safety ,close to embassy or same city , not far from Cairo and living in compounds cause you will need a car
there is a chance to get a job too.
all zi best
cheers fady

Possible know and be friends

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You will need a place that is close to a metro station, otherwise you will pay all your money on transportation..unless you plan to drive in Cairo's crazy streets..

I have a nice place in a Cairo decent suburb, 2 minutes walk from the metro..reasonable price..if interested get back to me.

thanks and you

I live in Hadayek Helway Wedi Hof and have been very safe even during the Revolution..
......have been there 10 years it love the people
thank you for the information.....

Dr. Maimunah Chehab

Hello :)
I'm going to live in Maadi from april 17th until the end of june 2017. I would love to make some friends over there. I'm from Holland. I don't know much about the costs of everything in Egypt. I heard it's quite cheap, renting an apartment would be 3000 egyptian piunds... but when i search, i only find expensive apartements for foreigners. Off course i don't speak arabic so it's difficult to find something affordable.

Send me a message when you want to meet up :)

Good luck with arraning everything!

Your reply...

living in cairo so u can have your Viza and other documents easy done,
Americans are mostly tight and need for free as much as they can. that why they face here real troubles,
living in maadi degla sarayat for example as I live with my American wife, 4 minites from American club costs 5000 per month,elect.and other bills don't exceed 600 pounds,
any way you will be able to work to get your expenses, but remember, you have to have money in your account before u come here,

hi there,I'm living in maadi,sarayat, 4 minites from American club,
rent all furniture is 5000 pounds,like 250 euro less rent than in Romania,or even Moldova,
and this price is for me as an Egyptian, my gf is American, 650 pounds,electric, water,gas,Internet.
food per person monthly is around 200 pounds a day 3 meals, meaning 9 euro.
taxi is around 2 to 4 euro per transportaion, Uber company.
anyway it depends on what you need and what u can do.
u can share an apartment with others,and get a room and will.cost you less,
u are welcome anytime, to get to know new freinds in maadi,keep in touch directly let us kno. may be we can help,leave you details and email, in a private sms,or yahoo.
have a good day and don't forget presents from Amsterdam
Fady fawzy

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