Study mandarin in Hong-Kong

Hi all
My 18-year old daughter will spend a trimester in Hong-Kong/Kowloon as part of a gap year and would like to study Mandarin - can you recommend schools/websites? She does not need accommodation.
Thank you!

Well, since Mandarin isn't the local language, she can try a number of courses. Chinese U will be the best, most intensive. Does she want to learn to read/write or only speak?

A number of language centres offer Mandarin but without knowing more, it's hard to suggest.

Thank you for your reply. She already has some very basic knowledge of mandarin (as her forth language). The plan is to spend 3 months in HK with relatives, and improve the speaking and writing, and she will then spend another 3 months in Taiwan, working. She would ideally attend classes everyday, and maybe try to find a student job in the evening.

Hi WielFamily,

Well I don't know much about the Mandarin courses offering in some learning centre in Hong Kong. If you don't mind you can count that on me. My wife is from China and she's speaking Chinese Mandarin in native level. I bet you two can be good friends one day. we now live in Kowloon side. Please let me know if you're interested. Thanks.


Thank you for your suggestion Sam however we are actually looking for Mandarin teaching class.

Ok, so good luck to you.
Let me know if you need help to look for tutorial centers in Hong Kong, although I don't trust these centers.
I've got some centers number if you want.