In need of a FRENCH teacher

Hi folks,

I like to have private French lessons with a native speaker.
Best to have experiences before and provide teaching materials.
2hrs/week ideally (might change according to schedule). HKD$200/hr (negotiable). lessons to be done in my place or office preferrably.

please help forward the message if you know anyone doing this.
A million thanks!

Lilian :)

Welcome to the forum Lilian :)

I will suggest you to post an advert on Hong Kong classifieds Category>Classes.

I hope you will get some responses soon!

Wish you a nice week ahead! :)

Thx for your advice! I did that before posting up here :)


hello lilian, im a french girl, just coming soon in HK. i can learn to u some sentences but im not a teacher. we can take a drink if u want;)

Hi Lilian,
Did you manage to find a French teacher or make an arrangement with Maina?
If you are still looking for a French teacher, may I suggest you to get in touch with AFLE (Association of French teachers in Hk and Macau). They then forward all requests to their members and interested teachers contact you.
Good luck! Bonne Chance !

Bjr etoilefilante! Merci de ton message ! I still havent found a French teacher thou Maina has become my friend now ;) I will check out the information u gave me! Bonne annee

Pas de probleme, Lilian, happy to hear that you made friend with Maina! This is the best way to improve your French :-)
You can still go and check
Bonne annee a toi aussi !

Hello Lilian!

My name is Sasha, I'm not a native speaker as I am from the Netherlands. I am fluent in French and English though and have some experience in one-on-one tutoring. I am not in Hong Kong but in Nanning. However, I would very much like to go to HK. I can teach you and I don't need a big salary, all I need is to survive for a while before I go back home on the 8th of March, maybe we can work something out that works for the both of us? I look forward to hearing from you!


Btw... can anyone tell me how to place a new post? Sorry...

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Hi julien, this is no bug. I'm really looking for a French teacher :(

Hello Lilian

I am a native French speaker from Geneva. Now i am in HK as an exchange student at CUHK. In addition, I have experiences in teaching French, now i am teaching to 2 young girls. BTW I am French/Cantonese bilingual.
If you are interested, please contact me.

Are you still looking for a French teacher? I think I can help you. I am an experienced French teacher, but I live in Belgium.

I teach French/English and Dutch to people all over the world. 

Hope to hear from you soon!




Thanks for your reply. If you realy are interested in learning French, you can contact me on [email protected]

In the mean time, take a look at my site
We teach online, with a live teacher - no special software. You only need a webcam and headset with microphone.
Hope to hear from you soon,

Hello Rudy!

You should post an advert in the Hong Kong classifieds > under Jobs section/teaching.

Thank you,

PS: And welcome to nana1230. :)

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@lilianwu hello I'm available

@lilianwu hello I'm available

    @lilianwu hello I'm available


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