Spass rejected due to questionable degree

Hello Everyone,

Need your advice!

My S Pass was rejected due to questionable qualification and MOM advise my employer to give them proof that my documents (college diploma) are valid through the organization dataflow group.

Has anyone of you experience the same thing?

What are the chances of getting approved after the appeal?


You don't mention what your degree is or if it's from a recognized institution of higher education. It wll be virtually impossible for our members to advise you.

It would be much more helpful if you let us know exactly what kind of university degree we are talking about and the name of the university that granted it.

We're well aware of the proliferation of 'Diploma mills' out there that crank out false diplomas for everything imaginable without the need to have ever studied anything. Governments are also well aware of them too and this is why they often call degrees into question.

James Experts Team

Thanks for the reply James!

My degree is Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering from a well known University in Cebu, Philippines.
And with regards to my work experience, i have a 3yrs experience in Software Development from a well known international Company here in Philippines. Actually i have already resigned on it because of this job offer. :(
My job offer in SG is also on Software Development and the company offered me 4000SGD.
Is it possible that government just simply find my diploma fake and they need to verify it with dataflow group? Or is it because i am an ECE and my work is Information Technology?

Thanks and Regards,

MoM has ways to check the authenticity and validity of foreign certificates (this was the "pending input from vetting agencies" stage of your application). You're rejected only if there are serious doubts. Now it is up to you to convince MoM that their result is incorrect and you do have a diploma that is recognised by them.
Your salary is in line with the job and work experience, and there is a recognised need to hire foreign IT specialists, so these factors did probably not contribute to the rejection.
Good luck!

If you have a Bachelor Degree from a university, not a Diploma (which is from a polytechnical school), you should apply for an EP, not S-Pass, and your salary is on the lower end.

Hello Beppi,

Thanks for the inputs. My agent applied me to SPass because my salary is only 4000SGD and the MOM's self assessment tool recommend me for SPass only.

Anyway, are you familiar with the third party organization called dataflow group? Because MOM ask me to verify my degree there before i appeal my applocation and it has been two weeks since i apply and yet there is still no result.

Is there any way i can do aside from waiting?

Thanks and Regards,

I have never heard of "dataflow". But MoM does not ask applicants to verify things with third party organisations.
This, together with your remark that an "agent" applied for your S-Pass, makes me suspect you have been cheated:
Agents cannot apply for Singapore work passes, only your employer can!
Have theybeen charging you a fee (and possibly "dataflow" then another one)? If so, they are definitely cheats, because all such fees must be borne by the employer, by Singapore law!

Hello Beppi,

What i meant for an agent is my employer. They havent asked me for any payment regarding these processes. When my SPass was rejected, this is the issue that MoM sent to my employer.

Our records show that the qualifications of this candidate are questionable. If you are still keen to employ him/her, please give us independent proof through an organisation like Dataflow (

Hopefully there are other members that are familiar with dataflow so i could know how many days would it take to finish the verification and what are my chances of getting approved by MoM after dataflow found out my documents are all authentic.

Thanks and Regards,

The relationship between MoM and Dataflow seems to be new, or at least I didn't know about it. However, it seems to be genuine. So you better follow the instructions on the Dataflow webpage and submit all documents you have to verify the authenticity of your diploma.
According to their webpage, Dataflow needs 30 working days (six weeks) for verification, after which MoM will process your appeal or re-application, which can take between a few days and over a month.

Hello Beppi,

Thanks for the reply. I think all i can do now is wait and pray for a positice result.


Hello Beppi,

Dataflow already done checking my degree and found it authentic. My employer also done appealing my SPass using the dataflow result. The question now, upon checking online, the status is still rejected and the application date is still the previous date (the date of first application). Is this normal? Are there any instances that the appeal is approved in 1 or 2 weeks?

Need your advice.


MoM's online system is not always updated, especially in case of appeals.
There is no way for me to predict how long the decision will take - maybe your company can ask MoM?
For my own curiosity: Did you have to pay Dataflow for the verification, and how much?

Thanks for the reply Beppi. As per my employer, it will take atleast 2-3weeks.
Regarding your question, my employer paid dataflow for 105SGD.


This isn't very expensive - and your employer is quite nice by paying it for you without further discussion . You seem to have found a good company.
I wish you good luck with the appeal!

Hi! I think we're on the same boat. Lol Im waiting for spass appeal here as well and I am also from Cebu.. May I know if you submitted your transcript of records to your employer? This is needed as supporting documents for your Degree. How was the appeal on your side? Is it already approved?

When a company sends an appeal to MOM, it won't show as PENDING on the EP online website. It will still reflect as rejected. However, once it is approved, then it will show the status APPROVED.

Give us an update about your pass :) God bless us all! :)


Good Day!

My pass was already approved and i have already started working. Thanks God. In my case, the dataflow verification went 3weeks and the appeal period went 4 days. Hoping that you will be approved too. :)

Regarding your question on TOR, yep i have submitted it to my employer but i dont think they will be checking on it. May i know where you graduate, what course and your work in SG? Does your employer already submitted verification to dataflow?

Congratulations! I graduated from USC BS nursing. My case is different since my employer did not inform me anything about dataflow, I suspect I have a different reason why my application got rejected, not on my part but the employer itself. I think they applied a different position which clearly I am not qualified for. I hope the appeal would only take 4 days same as yours.

Do you know the issue on the rejection? Because MoM usually sends reason in there rejection but only the employer knows.

No but I suspect it's because I am not qualified for the position they declared which wasn't the position I applied for in the first place. Instead of customer service executive or clinic assistant, they declared radiographer, which I dont have any background.

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