Scams from Women?

One subject I really haven't seen or I could have missed, are the type of scams women think of in Dominican Republic.
Has anyone posted scams from women or heard of some

There are lots of scams by  both sexes.   They run from my mother / baby/ sister needs an operation to  oh  you cannot put the jeep in your name, you have to put it in my name......

they go as far as using a baby for a scam?

Scams are universal.... Common Sense is the rule of the day...

They sure will. Always go to the lab or doctor for firsthand evidence of actual pregnancy then if any doubt get DNA after the birth.

Planner is soooo right on going to the doctor and getting Ultrasound proof and a DNA test.  You would be amazed on how many babies are born with "multiple" fathers.

Bob K

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Bob K

Met one named Maria.  She was on a dating site.   Here are the red flags. (I hope this helps someone).   First. We talked online and shared photos - photos were real. However her converse was always brief  she said was in a computer center. I went to DR first visit.  Rented a car drove to house ( I was already familiar with the city/ country  I asked a local. Where she was and she was in a different house than the address she gave. She also had multiple phone and email.  She was real. And pretended to be interested.this went on over a year. She had son looked German/American she said the father was Dominican and abused her and cheated. I bought her a new bed she later returned it for the money. One visit I saw a new scooter she said she needed for work.  The next visit it was gone she told me it was expensive and repoed.  I found out later a US guy bought that for her and she returned it for the money. She also needed money for a phone or her grandmother was sick.  Turned out she was with an American the baby daddy he got her visa to USA and married her. They met as she was an exchange student earlier. He is 25 years older. I found at least 3 other men she scammed.  You have to ask a lot of in-depth. Questions to avoid these scams. Don't be a victim.

They will ask for money for either birth or abortion when they are not even pregnant. If you are not in the country long term with them that's how they scam

I am sorry you had this experience.   

Scams exist and they are "justified" in so many ways.  No scams are acceptable. Not from women not from men not from Dominicans and not from expats.

Watch and actively look for the red flags.  Don't accept at face value!   

And as always if it seems too good to be true, it usually is too good to be true.

They will ask for money for either birth or abortion when they are not even pregnant. If you are not in the country long term with them that's how they scam

- @Guest2021 isn't abortions totally illegal in the DR?

My two cents! Always be smart enough to ask lots of questions and check out stories being told. If they start asking for money it's a bad start right off the bat. I can not imagine anyone visiting or not DR, not use protection if involved with anyone you do not know well. It's like playing Russian Roulette!  Don't get me wrong there are a lot of really nice sincere women in DR but you must always be cautious of Alterio motives! Good luck in finding true love I know its out there for you!