From America Living in Rijeka want to meet other expats

Hello to all :) .  Im living in Rijeka, i like it alot.  we have just brought a flat and are getting it ready to receive guest. 

Very nice city.  Im from America, Greater Chicago Land Area, im living in Rijeka for 3yrs.

im still learning the language and people.

Im retired and would love to go for coffee or tea.

i wouldnt mind finding some type of work just to meet people.  im 39yrs old and African-American.

im very open to meeting other expats.   Ciao! :D

Welcome on board unclej :cheers:

Just wanted to say "hello and welcome"!  I grew up in Chicago and this will be my first year  (full-time) in Croatia.   I live near Pula and like you, am working on getting house livable (hopefully will have electricity soon).  Perhaps we can arrange to meet and share coffee at aconvenient time and place.   Croatian language is far different from English for me, but I'm learning it step by step.


cool maybe we will have a chance to meet.  i hear they have good concerts on Pula.  i havent been there yet.

There's a small jazz club (Fiorin) which features live music on Friday evenings at 9:30.   Pula does host concerts/music festivals during the summer.

that sounds good, im going to explore Pula when it gets a little nicer out.  the weather hasnt been so nice the last couple of weeks, tho the winter was very mild compared to the windy  i will add that place to my list (Fiorin).  i really want to see the arena.

Hi Unclej and Underovr... My husband and I are Croatia-bound in the summer by way of a couple months in Sarajevo (he's originally from there). Question: how did you handle health insurance if you don't mind me asking?

Cheers from California!

Health insurance is provisioned through Croatia HZZO  (  This is required for foreigners as well as citizens living in Croatia.

American citizens staying in Croatia for less than ninety days may obtain health insurance through a provider since health insurance from the States will not cover medical expenses while in Croatia.

I hope this helps answer your question.   Enjoy your stay.


I grew up in Gary, Indiana now living in California.  We are definitely from the same part of the world.  I haven't been back to the midwest in many years.   Would rather go to Croatia!

  Wondering about the cost of living in Croatia?  I spent time on Korcula several years ago as a tourist but don't have a good picture of the cost of living for residents.   I would be renting.  Any information much appreciated.

Thanks and wishing you all the best in Croatia!


Although Croatia is a member of the EU, the currency used is the Croatian Kuna (HRK).   The current exchange rate is 1 (USD) : 6.81 (HRK).

I would say the cost of living is considerably lower in Croatia compared to the States.

Thanks, Underovr... After we apply, how long is the waiting period?

I'm sorry but I can't say how long the lead time will be.   I don't believe it's uniform across all municipalities.   

When you arrive, you should initiate your application with the local police department; they may be able to provide you with a definitive answer regarding time line.

Thanks!!!   I remember using the Kuna.  The exchange rate is better now for a U.S. citizen.   Would you say your expenses are half?  A third less?    I'm trying to figure it out!   Thanks and good luck with your renovation!


Thanks, Underovr. We will most certainly register with the police right away.

My expenses are less than $3,000 HRK/mo.  But I have no idea how that compares to most nationals.  The house I live in is still being renovated, we use solar/generator because we can't obtain electricity until some legal issues regarding the property are resolved.  We heat using a wood-burning fireplace ($2-4K/yr), and cook using propane (about $1,200 HRK/yr).  Living in this area, there are farmers with fresh vegetables/fruit we can purchase, and seafood/meat are also easily available and economical.

Wow.  That's quite a difference!   I'm not quite hearty enough to renovate, etc. so would be paying rent, etc.   but even if was twice your costs it would be a big improvement over my expenses in California.  Thanks so much for the information.   I really appreciate it!

Your monthly expenses are a little over our HOA dues. No wonder why I'm looking forward to leaving the high cost of living in the SF area behind.


I'm looking forward to your reports from Croatia about the cost of living, etc.    These are very tempting numbers!


In Rijeka, there are about 400,000 people.  Coffee shops everywhere and lots of shopping. You can rent a nice place (small) for about 2000kn per month + utilities. its very nice here the sea is amazing.

Hi there,

My name is Josh.  I currently divide my time between NY and CT (I work in CT but have family in NY).  My youngest is off to college in about a year.  I am considering, after that, relocating to either Pula or Rijeka.  I have enough saved so that I could spend about $75k on a flat and then use about $1100/month for living expenses --- is that completely insane?  I'm thinking if I get a 2 bedroom place I can put one on AirBnB or just get a house mate or something..  I have some other things I'm thinking about as well but I'll stop here for now and see what you have to say in reply.  I'm happy to share more contact info so we can skype or email or what have you.

Best wishes,


I just reviewed the entire thread.. hello everyone.. :-)

Hi Josh, I don't think it's completely insane--a $75,000 flat can be had but it may be further from the sea, without a view, or small. We just spoke to the owner of Valle Losca, a terrific konoba in Volosko, who indicated one can find decently-priced real estate still in Istria.

My husband and I left California in July and are shocked by real estate prices here but both Rijeka and Pula seem more affordable than Split.

Thanks for your quick response lucyland...

I appreciate it.

Nema problema :-)

Gah... and I completely forgot about this thread and would have reached out Unclej and Underover while in Pula & Opatija.

I sent Unclej a note...  I had a good conversation with Dragan Petkovic at Kvintent Real Estate office in Pula today..  it seems that apartments for sale in Pula and Rijeka are about the same.  Opatia is quite expensive and Rovinj is too sleepy in the wintertime..   So.. I'm focused on Rijeka *or* Pula ...     the key thing is - if I'm living on savings, how inexpensively can I live without feeling like I'm living like a complete pauper.

im a new owner of a flat in center Rijeka. you wont find anything you like for that price in town.  i think you should be thinking 100,000 euros or better. as stated by Lucyland it will be small and in a village like area. then you spen alot of money back and forth (expensive gas) and probably have hard time finding house mate.


My husband and I moved to Rijeka last year from Canada and would love to get together with you.

Hi all,
Love reading your thoughts and advise on this thread.  My husband and I will be there in October (from California).  We have been to the embassy, and obtained a Residency Application.  Although we know there will be bumps in the road; hoping application process goes smooth.  Those of you living there are a wealth of information, and we would love anyone willing to help, or answer questions. (Feel free to message us, we need friends in Croatia)
We are keeping it simple, starting off renting (Pula or Split area????) Any thoughts, good or bad regarding these areas is welcomed.  Also we will not need to find employment. Is there anything we should do prior to leaving the USA to ensure a smooth transition. 
Can't wait to start our adventure, look forward to meeting you once we get there.
Cheers, Wendy and Howie

Hi I just noticed that you are an African American male and I'm just gonna put it out there and ask: I'm considering moving my family to Croatia but my partner is African American and our children are biracial... Are you finding any bias there because of your heritage? It's one of the reasons we are going to leave our current home. Also, I'm reading that you are retired, but I'm wondering how you ended up there? I apologize for getting personal so quickly but I feel a bit of pressure to leave sooner than later. Thank you for your time, Saskia

so.. all of you living now in Rijeka (or Istria generaily).. how is it going?  tell us about how the journey has been.. I just have to spend a couple more years paying for college and then I hope to join you there :-)

Joshua in NY

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