Private accommodation in Croatia

Updated 2009-10-30 10:41

As accommodation in Croatia, private apartments take the most important place. They secure the most accommodation capacities, as they can accept much more tourist than any other accommodation type. Hotels or camping sites can also accept large number of tourists, but apartments are pretty much everywhere.

Croatia is a tourist country, and therefore many people are involved in tourism. To most of households on Adriatic sea coast, tourism is main occupation, and all of them do they're best during the whole year to be more attractive to they're guests and tourists.

Private apartments could be found everywhere. Most of them have highlighted very visible tables with labels "SOBE" - rooms or "APARTMANI" - apartments. Also, they offer their services by the local tourist agency, via Internet and by many other ways. It is not rarity that some house owners standing by the road or at crowded bus stations with tables on which you could read 'rooms' or 'apartments' and by that way show to all interested that they are rentals.

Accommodation in private sector is mostly categorized, and the service is on a high level. Most of them has air-condition, TV, own kitchen, bathroom and all necessary to spend your holidays independently.

Some private apartments are part of the house of the host, but mostly have their own entrance. There are also a lot of apartments which are fully separated, or are a house for itself.

Pets and smoking in apartments are mainly allowed, but that is individual and depends of the host. As those apartments are private type of accommodation, it is very easy to arrange conditions with the host in your favor, hosts will often allow a lot of things and they'll just ask that you don't make problems and if they are surrounded with other apartments will ask you just not to be noisy during the night.

Big advantage of private apartments is that you will pay the same amount if you come alone, or you come with the whole family or with bunch of friends. Quotes are based on the apartment, not on the persons who will stay in it.

Prices of private accommodation in Croatia are from around 15 euros in smaller, unknown places to few hundred euros per night in Dubrovnik and few other well known tourist spots. Although you can find private accommodation in Dubrovnik by much lower price if you contact the owner directly.
By doing so, price for accommodation is always negotiable.

Non written rule among accommodation rentals is to ask around 30% of total accommodation price in advance to book your apartment and the rest will be charged last day.

Private apartments in Croatia are in the offer of foreign tourist agencies too, that would be probably the most expensive way.

For more information, visit the Croatian National Tourist Board and Direct Croatia.

Welcome to Croatia - land of thousand islands !

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