About Croatia

Located in Central, Southeast Europe and the Mediterranean, Croatia enjoys diverse natural beauty and biodiversity. European Union’s youngest member state, Croatia is mostly known for its booming tourism industry, especially along the Adriatic coast and on its islands. But Croatia has more to offer to its expat population than sunny beaches and clear waters, which are indeed part of a good deal!

The country made a significant political and economical progress since the end of the four-year civil war in 1995. Only eight years after the end of the war, Croatia joined the European Union and has now rightfully taken its position among the world's emerging and developing economies.

Several ethnic groups constitute the population of Croatia, and the majority of it is concentrated in urban centres. With Croatia being a tourism hub, Croats are used to the foreign presence and are fluent in at least one foreign language.

Croatia is well-connected to the rest of the world via its major ports that open the roads to Asia and Australia, as well as via seven airports that serve international flights.

Zagreb is a vibrant capital city with many parks, cultural activities, and a mixture of old and new highlighted in its architecture. The life of the city evolves a lot outdoors with many festivals and markets taking place throughout the year.