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Become a digital nomad in Croatia

Have you ever dreamed of working from King’s Landing? No, we are serious because you actually can. Croatia’s ...

How to check property registration status in Croatia online

In order to register for the tax, the buyer must have a personal identity number (osobni identifikacijski broj = OIB),  ...

Checking the sea temperature

There are some excellent beaches in Croatia and both on the mainland and the 1185 islands that populate the Adriatic. But how ...

How to get an OIB (personal ID) number

Q: I visit Croatia a lot, and so I keep a bank account here for convenience. I went to draw out some cash recently, but was told ...

Check your property registration status

Buying property in Croatia, as everywhere, can be, or at least seem, complicated.

Private accommodation in Croatia

As accommodation in Croatia, private apartments take the most important place. They secure the most accommodation capacities, as ...

About Croatia

The country made a significant political and economical progress since the end of the four-year civil war in 1995. Only eight years after the end of the war, Croatia joined the European Union and has now rightfully taken its position among the world's emerging and developing economies.

Several ethnic groups constitute the population of Croatia, and the majority of it is concentrated in urban centres. With Croatia being a tourism hub, Croats are used to the foreign presence and are fluent in at least one foreign language.

Croatia is well-connected to the rest of the world via its major ports that open the roads to Asia and Australia, as well as via seven airports that serve international flights.

Zagreb is a vibrant capital city with many parks, cultural activities, and a mixture of old and new highlighted in its architecture. The life of the city evolves a lot outdoors with many festivals and markets taking place throughout the year.

Quick Information

Capital : Zagreb
Official Languages : Croatian , Serbian
Currency : Kuna
Area : 56542 Km2
Population : 4491000
Calling Code : +385
Timezone : Europe/Zagreb

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