Architects in Croatia who speak English - how to find them?

Hi ex-pats,

I am about to relocate to Zadar, Croatia and am looking for a place to find English speaking Architects who can tender for a plan to design us a new house to be built there.

I need the person to speak English as I speak little Croatian.

Any advise on where to locate such a person?

Many thanks.

Hello sjbegonja.

Welcome to! :)



We too are looking for English Speaking Architects in the Zadar area.

We recently bought land in Preko, on the island of Ugljan and are hoping to build a house there.

Did you find anyone? How is your project progressing? We would be very interested to share notes.

Kind Regards
Philip Goldney


How exciting is it to be building? Uglian is such a lovely Island, we have relatives on that Island. Are you from Australia or the UK?

We did find one - and so far have been very happy with his communications. He has been prompt and very easy to understand as he lived in Australia for a period. We are awaiting for sketches which are due at the end of the month, so I can't as of yet tell you what his designs are like.

We are keeping a blog of our adventure, so you may like to check on there when we load up the designs are share our thoughts. If you wish to do that you can find us here and our email is chasingthedonkey[at]

Our architect contact is Ante, and his website is

Please do stay in touch and let us know how you get along with him.


Hi again.

Thanks for the swift response.

I have checked out the architect's website. They look pretty good. I will contact them.
We love the Arsenal and have often been there to eat/drink.

Thanks also for the link to you your blog, i saw your f.b. page too. I will follow it with interest.

A little more about us.
I'm Phil, my wife is Lisanne, We have 3 little boys;  Ryan 9, Ethan 6 and Isaac 4.
I'm Welsh, my wife English.
We live in Francavilla al Mare, on Italy's east coast, just across the Adriatic from Zadar.

The house project is actually some very good Swiss friends. (we lived in Switzerland 7 years, that's another story).
They asked if i could oversea the process.
I studied architecture for a couple of years (94/95) and worked in construction for a couple of years. Due to this experience (very limited), a love of Dalmatia, and a growing interest in environmental architecture I am very happy to be involved!!

I have contact with two other architectural firms (one in Zagreb and one in Zadar) however I am not quite satisfied with either.
Maybe we will be able to work with Ante...lets see.

We look forward to meeting you in Zadar one day.

All the best with your house project.

Phil and Lisanne

what date do you move??


Sorry, I have been away for a few days.

3 boys in Italy - oh how much they must love it.

You're so great to help your friends out like that -  do hope they bring you much swish chocolate.

Do let me know how you get along with Ante - as I say, so far his communication has been 10/10!

Do you know what type of house they'd like?

We wil be in Zadar middle of May - I simple can not wait. When you are next there, do let us know as we would love to meet you and your family for lunch or coffee.


Yeah the boys love it here in Italy. We live right on the beach, so from March to October they get to play in the sand and water lots. Now we can also go into the mountains and snowboard!

Its great to be helping our friends. They pay me a little each month to oversee the project too.
I love architecture but am not an architect. I am learning so much from being involved in a real project!

Yup, I'll let you know how things go with Ante.

We will not be moving to Croatia. We are putting down roots here. Our Swiss friends will live there 3 months this year - april/may/june. They are not sure how much time they will spend in Croatia in the future but I imagine between 3 and 9 months each year once the house is built.

We visit Croatia often (we have probably been 20 times, the longest for 3 months in 2003 - Zagreb and Ugljan). Due to our friendship with Ivan and another project, we are likely to continue to visit often :-).

You should definately connect with Ivan and Rachel our Swiss friends! I will pass on your contacts to them. They have 2 little girls and a 2 week old boy!

Keep in touch.
Phil and Lisanne


I read your request , I am Egyptian engineer living in Zagreb,. And I have nice ideas for homes design.

For any arrangements and inquiries just mail me




I'm currently living in Cakovec CROATIA. I'm civil engineer, and a manager of company. I work with many architects in all Croatia territory. If u have any question, please contact me. We have many references all around the country.

Hello guys,

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if you need architect in zadar or šibenik u can contact me with email

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