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How much does local DR insurance cost per month please?

We pay about $40 a month

Bob K

It can range by company and policy fro about us 20 to over us 100

I offer two plans one is currently us 35 the other is us 48. Both include prescription and dental coverage.

Sounds great.  Is there a minimum period?  It is not our intention to live in DR but to stay between 3-6 months each year.  Thanks


No but usually a "waiting" period when you  first get the policy.  We have lots of friend here only for the winter and they have a DR policy.  You will need to pay the premiums year round.

Bob K

2 options guys.  either you apply every  year,  restart the  "events" waiting periods OR  you pay the premium for the whole year.

Paying for the year also  means you do not need to requalify for  coverage.   IF your health deteriorates you may not qualify or you may have exclusions.

And once you hit 65 you cannot apply for coverage, but if you have it in place it continues.

Well that blows me out.  I am over 65.  I guess I will go back to the UK and get a quote.  There they do it up to 87, albeit much more expensive.  Thanks anyway


Good luck

Bob K

Hi, just getting around to the healthcare coverage plan:-) is the amount you mentioned $35-40US for each person or for both husband and wife?  And this is per month correct? Can you pay it yearly? Also what is name of company you use? Is there more than one company to choose from?

My realtor have me the number for Universal (she's in Punta Cana, not sure if companies vary from city to city) but seemed no one spoke english and they just hung up...number could of been wrong.  Thanks!☺

We have Universal and it covers you anywhere in the DR. It has worked well for us and it runs us 3640RD a month (just had a price increase in January)  for the both of us (Just under $80).  It includes Dental but not meds.  You can add meds if you want at a cost.

Bob K

Great that sounds good. What about after we turn 65? I heard DR won't cover us once we reach that age because we have medicare back in the US, but DR won't except medicare correct? Which means we would have to fly home (or move back) if we get sick?? Hopefully I misunderstood😧

Also do you have to purchase vision separately?

Vision I believe is separate

As long as  you are insured by  a DR company before 65 it carries over past 65 (I am 66).  They just won't issue new policies if over 65

Bob K

Wow thats a releif. A friend of ours got a health ins quote for USVI St Croix at $646 for two people in patient and another $574 for out patient care PER MONTH! (vision and dental not included). We were interested to see what it was because St Croix is very nice and we would be able to communicate great (because we don't speak Spanish). But after hearing that... NO way, we will start learning Spanish😂. And a builder quoted them $250- $300 per sqft to build a home and $70,000-$90,000 to put pool in!!😧 We put in 3 pools living in Florida and never paid over $28,000 (12x24 size). Thanks for the info once again!!

I offer coverage via a group plan with Humano. Both plans have dental and prescription coverage included.  On  plan is about US 36 and the other is US 48 per person per month.  If you want more info send me a private message.

Universal is also a good company! There are several others but i would only work.with these two!

Thanks! I will definitely consider both when time gets closer...great info Planner and Bob!!😆

Good luck.  And we recently got a quote on a pool and deck for about 20K

Bob K

I know this thread is a bit old, but I am trying to find out about getting contact lenses in the Dominican Republic.  I will be in Santiago de los Caballeros (in case that matters).  Last time I lived abroad, I brought a year's supply of contact lenses.  However, now I use daily lenses, so that is not very realistic.  I'm trying to decide if I should bring enough to last for several months, or if it's fairly easy and inexpensive (or at least similar in price).  Any info would be much appreciated!

Need health insurance information for my family of three. We are planning to relocate in La Romana in November.

I will send you a private message

I’m interested

Pm me nurse 😀

Planner, please send me a message. I need a quote..thanks

Happy to honey.

ducketts :

Well that blows me out.  I am over 65.  I guess I will go back to the UK and get a quote.  There they do it up to 87, albeit much more expensive.  Thanks anyway


You will find that ARS Palic which is affiliated to Bank BHD Leon will offer you health insurance but apparently only under a family plan where two other family members are in that plan and under 65. If you bank with BHD go along and speak to them.

Hi Planner,

Can you email me the details of your health coverage packages. What does the dental component of the coverage actually cover? Check ups and cleaning?

Thank you,


I will message you directly on this.

I offer two levels of coverage so two levels of dental care.  Yes, both cover cleaning, checkups and fillings. There is a 6 month wait on anything major for dental.

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