Starting procedure of fashion clothing business.

Hello all. This is sahel from dhaka bagladesh I have 11 years experience working in mnc since 8 years i m working for a fashion clothing company.
And last 5 years I have my own clothing export business actually I saw one of my friend have started a business of clothing export in Nepal which made me interested about the business. I asked him  but he doesn't like to make me his competitor so he is not giving me any clear idea.

So I would like to know what's the system to open an own company there? I will start my showroom and wholesale of all kind of clothing items. I can't invest a lot for the business. So if anyone looking for an experienced working partner please feel free to ask me.
1. How much is the rent for a small show room inside city.
2. How much is the average salary for a working girl.
3. What's the process opening 100% foreign own company.
4. How much it can cost to open an own company.
Thanks in advance.

I will send you a private message with the e-mail number of a very experienced company lawyer. His name is Lekhat Khadka. Tell him that he was recommended by Middim Khola Resort (P)LTD and is not allowed to overcharge you, otherwise we will never again recommend him!  :):cheers:

Thanks for ur mail I already sent him an email, and he replied me just that he received my email. Now I am waitting for his final reply with quotation.

O.K. Good luck!   ;)

You should go to the immigration website. Since you are a member of SAARC it shouldn't be as much of an investment. It's pretty straight forward.

Hey you are right. There seem to be different rules for SAARC members. The lawyer Lekhat should know this too. He must be asked about it of course. Still its necessary to let him do all the paper works. We still deal with a tremendous Red Tape Bureaucracy here in Nepal. Many stuff on their official websites is just lip service and drafted by foreign translators for them. The Nepalese final text of a document is always tricky and differs from an English version. That has not changed in all these 26 years that I am here in Nepal. Just never gave up hope that one day this all will be history when the old men behind the steering wheels are gone

                i am rakesh from.we can discuss further about starting a business and trading as you have mentioned above. Looking forward to hear from you.
                                                                                                                                                 best regards

Dude i was planning to open a well sized fashion n clothing showroom somewhere in butwal,nepal.
Needed a bit help from u?