Hepatitis C - New Visa can i ask a waiver from employer? can it work?

Hi all,

I got offered a senior managerial role in one of the Saudi organizations. I had contracted Hepatitis C, but was successfully treated. I have done the PCR test 6 times in last five years and it always comes negative so I 'm pretty sure I do not have the disease. However, the ELISA anti HCV anitbodies show an elevated level. I was wondering what are my options at the moment?

Can I seek a waiver from the employer .i.e. the employer mentioning that this is non contagious and will not effect   my performance? I can get the supporting evidence for this from the best of doctors and attach detailed reports. However, my question is if it's worth the effort? Can it work?


would appreciate any help.

guess you wont ever know until you try.

you can ask your employer, but the question is,,, is it valid for you to have a working visa and iqama
if you have nothing to lose, then try

Hi, what eventually was the result in your case? Can you please share

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