Moving to Albania

Yes, I am currently trying to decide on which European country I will like to relocate to. My biggest concern at this moment is Income. I currently receive roughly 1k USD a month. And although I know this isn't going to enough, I would like to find a place that the dollar goes the furthest. Would Albania be a place like this?

Hi Dlinetackle :) Welcome to,

I sure that members from Albania will try to get back to you soon, meanwhile you can check the Albania Forum, there can be some discussion thread which might be useful to you.


Thanks Yud,

The more I see pictures of Albania the greater interest I have in making this my destination.

The thailanad or egypt would be more cheaper and free for you dollars. And i have about 1 kilobucks a month too and looking for a better place to live )) Just as for me Albania is most civilized country and of course it's in europ ))) So i have decided what i would dig for...

Yeah, I am still trying to decide on the location. I really want to cheapest place, but with some civilization.

Europe continent is most civilized at all, i think )) And Albania is a last accessible country for a usual worker guy )))

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