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My husband is still in KSA waiting for his Final Exit Visa. We always check the muqueem website by using his iqama and name and we always see his 2013 expired visa. Upon checking it today the system said that 'Invalid Visa Number or Visa Not Valid'. Does it mean his final exit visa is now ready? His employer just told us a few days ago that he is already working on it, and soon he will let us know the result. I read on previous post that you can only see entry exit/re-entry visa on the system. Once you have a final visa and already out of the country it is already being transferred to Jawazat and at the Airport. What do you think of my husband's current situation?  Do you think that even if he is still there and his final exit visa is already ready, it is no longer in the system? Instead it is already being transferred to Jawazat and at the Airport?

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I know this is very late reply but i experience the same problem. I just received an sms from jawazat today saying that my final exit visa has been issued..but when i checked in moqeem or eserve it shows Visa Number is Invalid or Visa Not Valid. In your husbands case I just want to know what happens next..has he encountered problems in leaving ksa? Would appreciate your reply. Thank you.

Hello. Im also experiencing the same problem.I have a printed copy of a visa but when I check it online,it says there is no visa issued on the ID(MOI site).
Did you get back home to your country without any problem at the immigration?

I am still here in ksa..i will be going home to the philippines probably by next week. I dont know how will it goes but according to some furoms if you have been issued a final exit visa you cannot view it in eserve or moqeem server because that was only meant for exit re-entry visa. And for the MOL website they will only indicate there that you are in final exit once you have already exited from KSA. For now my status in MOL is still "On the Job" status.

Same problem I m facing. I got final exit msg from jawazat and I checked my moi it shows visa status final but on MOL it shows on job. My flight is this week and I have family with me. I m so worried as if something happens on airport I cannot send them alone

you can visit again jawazat office to clarify everything

and what happen now...after invalid visa number you can exit safely

then now you can go manila safely

Dear Sir,

I got job in Riyadh on Sep 2017 and my designation is Technician so I'm Starting my Degree fro attestation. now its Completed. but the company told me they Earlier issued visa is expired.
Right now New Visa is not issuing in Saudi Arabia. its true???  have any other way to go there???

Kindly anyone help me what to do now....


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