Expat income tax when 180 days outside


Thanks in advance for your advices !

I just moved to India a month ago with a one year work visa with a local indian contract.
Soon, my company will send me to a new country for couple of months with no foot in India for this time.
My question is the following, I read on the internet about the fact that if spending less than 180 days in India, no tax will be applied, but I'm having hard time understanding whether it's involving physical presence for less than 180 days or if I still have an indian contract and paid by the indian entity then I'm not concerned by it.

Hope I'm clear enough and you could help
Many thanks !

My understanding is it is 180 physically in the country i.e. based on your visa entry / exit stamps. However may be worth consulting a CA for further details.

Thanks for your quick reply, it s basically what seems for me as well but my company is telling me that it depends on entity payin the expat(India or another country) ... would you have any consultant or way i can be absolutely sure ?


https://www.pwc.in/assets/pdfs/publicat … y-2015.pdf

Example A
• If you come to India after 2 October, you will be treated
as non-resident for that tax year as your stay in India will
be less than 182 days, provided you were not in India for
an aggregate of 365 days or more in the four tax years
preceding the relevant tax year.
Example B
• If you come to India after 1 February, you will be treated as
a non-resident for that tax year since you were present in
India for less than 60 days.

Hi kiranhabbu,

Thanks for the reply, I saw indeed this document which explain well the basics of Indian Tax system and categorize the different type of expat'.
On top of this, it exists a rule that says that an expat would be concerned by taxes as long as his stay in the country is above 180 days. So my question is whether this "180 days" are subject to physical presence in the country or subject to whether it's an indian entity that is paying the person for more than 180 days.

Hope I'm clear enough.

Friends I am in the reverse situation. I moved from india on L visa on September 20th. Later I read online that in order to qualify as a NRI I must stay outside india for more than 182 days in a given year.

Question is - in cases like myself where someone moves to US with just about 6 months left in financial year, and I need to visit india back on business trip, if I make this trip I would be in US for less than 182 days and in india for more than 182 days

Would lD I be taxed in both countries? Or it there a way that Indian government will provide some exemption