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am moving to belize next month,how can i get a job,and how long can i get my working permit?

I would google work permit Belize and you'll find lots of valuable websites that give you instructions on what you need to do.

What you need to know in reality though is that if you want to come and "get a job," the Belizean government appears to frown on that since you will be taking work away from Belizeans.  I have several friends who have applied and been turned down, three times each now.  They are extremely frustrated, and meanwhile they cannot "legally" work without one, so make sure you have some initial funds to live off of for at least six months or longer.

If you intend on being self-employed (like a chiropractor or electrician for example), then you will still probably have to try once or twice and wait a few months, but you will be more likely to get one if there is no other Belizeans are in that line of work.

Getting a work permit takes a lot of patience and jumping through hoops, but eventually you will succeed.

do you have any special skills?

to all you expats and Belizeans alike: an ngo I work with needs a contract  communications officer  for 6 months to a year, perhaps permanent,  starting practically asap.

Work permit no problem - they arrange it. Requires an ability to be a good storyteller, so a budding journalist with enough techsavvy to redo/update web page, write blog entries, face book entries etc, would be ideal. The job is in southern Belize. Email me if you are interested.

thanks,for the information,my profesion is a swimming instructor,any job for me?

I am afraid there is no shortage of swimming instructors in Belize

Sorry but what is a ngo?

Non-Governmental Organization … ganization

I have been Tutoring Spanish and English in Venezuela for about 4 years. I learn fast anything I need to achieve my goals. I have worked in a call center, restaurants (as cashier and basic waitress). Is there any job for me?

Hi towisyuri!

I would suggest you to post an advert in the jobs section of Belize classifieds.


Hi Towisyuri!  I see advertisements for jobs requiring bi-lingual employees all the time.  But read this entire stream.  Your biggest hurdle will be getting a work permit so that you can even legally apply for the job.

Once you do, however, your language skills will make you more marketable. Keep in mind though that a lot of Belizean citizens speak Spanish too, so you'll have competition.

Hope that helps.

Sharon Hiebing

Have a question?  If you want to farm, or provide a service like trimming horses hoofs, do you have to have a work permit?  We want to run a farm and eco tour business.  Also, I am a published authhor, any advice on writing as a profession?  Thanks. Marie

Mstill-Waldun, you cannot work for pay or be an employee in Belize without a work permit.  You can, however, start your own business or buy an existing one without any permit.  I've already written two books since arriving in Belize, so that's no problem at all.

Good luck!

Sharon Hiebing

I've just started researching the idea of moving to Belize.  I was wondering HOW most people do it?  Wealthships? did you just sell all you owned and move there? did you have a job you knew would be waiting for you there?  I mean, how does one go about this?

Most people who move to Belize either start their own business, like Wealthships, or are retired, like me.  There are very few traditional "jobs" working for someone else available to expats, because businesses have to hire locals before expats unless there is no one with the appropriate qualifications.  Sharon (Wealthships) can explain this much better than me.

This may or may not be on topic. So can I as an IT Guy start up my own company and and do the work of an IT guy or must I hire a local computer person who may have less knowledge?

Gerry, the answer to that question depends on the Residency program you are in. This is exactly the kind of thing I help my clients with.



I am interested, how may I email you?

Thank you,

Lisa Alexander

Minerva909...How may I email you?

Lisa Alexander

I am interested, How may I email you?

The post you are replying to is 9 years old, and I doubt that position would still be available.

i thought you couldnt get a job as a non citizen?

You can as a permanent resident with a work permit, or if you are recruited by a Belizean company, or you form a partnership with a Belizean, or you start your own company/business. It is doable, but time consuming, and potentially expensive. There are many previous threads related to working in Belize, and the will give you more information, as regulations change.

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