Working as a lawyer in Belize

I just joined this site.  I live in Texas, and have been a lawyer for about five years.  From what I've read, it's fairly easy to get a law license in Belize, since I have experience in a country with an analogous system of laws.  But I'm still wondering about some other issues.  What kind of incomes can lawyers make in Belize?  (I'm not trying to get rich, but would like to do a little better than the average income.)  Are most of the legal jobs in Belize City?  Are there many solo practictioners who are doing ok?  Any help about the legal profession would be great.  Thanks.

I too would like information, not so much about practicing law in Belize as I will be retired and don't want to work but about  being a registered notary so I can notarize documents which in some countries require you be licensed. Belize has a bar association webpage but I didn't find helpful.

I think attorneys are one of the professions in Belize that you can earn a very decent income from. The main reason is diversification of your services.  In Belize, most attorneys do not specialize.

For instance, my attorney can set up a trust, an IBC account, handle your residency for you, a divorce, purchasing a company, litigation against a business owner, a real estate transaction, etc. etc. Most of this stuff is much more straightforward to do in Belize than the States too, which is why attorneys don't need to specialize.

Caridust, Justice of the Peace's here in Belize act as notaries, and some attorneys.  Belize has a Uniform Notarial Acts treaty with the U.S.. U.S. citizens can also go to the U.S. Embassy and get their docs notarized. Not sure if other countries have notaries in their embassies, but I would imagine they would. Being a notary would still be considered working, so you'd need a work permit until you get your Permanent Residency.

I've noticed that even some of the small villages have a Justice of the Peace shingle hanging, so is this a potential opportunity for someone with a law degree and bar credentials?

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