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Good evening.

I need some guidance on something.

I am a South African who would like to relocate to New Zealand on a permanent basis. But as you know, a work visa in New Zealand is dependent on a Job Offer - which is normally dependent on having a work permit / work visa. This paradox serves as a difficult blocking point which I need to get over.

I am looking for Project Management positions in the IT Industry of the country. I am 29 years old, single and come from a background of electronic engineering which led to Electronic hardware and software testing. Ultimately, this led me to managing IT / SDLC projects.

The last project I managed was featured in a Dutch online newspaper here.

CV - … ile%2cdocx

Cover Letter - … ile%2cdocx

I have come to understand that it is very difficult to find a job while not in New Zealand. There are some immigration agencies that claim to assist people find positions in the country but I am very skeptical of them and they charge unbelievable fees. Thus I would like to avoid this route if possible.

Is there any alternative to this? I have put my resume and cover letter on the links above for any interested party to review my work and provide any networking opportunities which mayhelp me find a position in New Zealand.

Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you.


Good Day,
I have had the same issue but I lived there for 6 years.
There is an other issue that you need to think about as well.
That job offer has to be in writing and whether you will need a sponsor(sponsorship).
That will be your hardest task ever. Most of the jobs in New Zealand will go to New Zealand residents and native. The best thing you could do is set up a bank account there and start putting money into that account. Immigration will ask you right off the bat, "How much money do you have?"
I been there, done that. They were going to deport me but I had enough to leave on my own and not be a burden to the rate payers and govt.
First off the starting gate..
1. Find out if your application has to go to London, UK or Mirilla, Philippines, that's going cost you around $1400.00 to file for residency and your work permit.
2. NEVER renew your Visa online if you are there in New Zealand(I did and it cost me my residency as the server crashed and lost my file as well as 5000 others).
3. There could be a new program for some countries. I know for US citizens with passports, we can get indefinite visa renewals for as long as want to stay(that went into effect after I was on TV3 News and radio talk show in New Zealand, Australia and US). If you don't have that option be prepared to leave and the closest place that you can reapply for a visa to New Zealand from New Zealand is Apia, Samoa. Very cheap to live there(Apia, Samoa but the mozzies will kill you, native bird as I see it. I lived there while working out visa which was denied.)

If you have to go to a Humanitarian Interview if issues arise, DON'T believe a word what the Immigration Officer tells you. Get it in writing!
I was told that if I left on my own, I would be able to reapply for a visa from outside New Zealand and return home. That's a bold and outright LIE!
I was told when my visa in Samoa ran out that I was denied entry into New Zealand and was suspended for 5 years. In their treaty with United Nations, they state that if this done, there will be NO 5 YEAR suspension. WRONG!
If Immigration classifies you as over stayer, they will automatically enforce the 5 year suspension.
If you really want to watch a horror show about it, email me ** and I will send a link to one of my websites that has the News video from Los Angeles and TV3 New Zealand. Mainly TV3 and you will see Parliament running away from reports when asked about my case.

Kind Regards

Mike Dermatidis

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It is even difficult to get a job when you are in NZ. I do not think it is easy to reply from outside the country. You better be here and do it. Apply and contact different companies. The kiwis are very keen to hire their own people two with what they call "Kiwi Experience". Without that it is hard. And Me myself has now given up to get as good job I left 4 years in Sweden. It´s like start all over and work hard with anything.

Cheers, Asa

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