Please, help!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would highly appreciate your assistance in this personal matter. My husband has just been asked to take a job in Damascus, beginning in January.

He hasn't said a definite "yes" yet because we are still not very sure what to do.

This project would imply that he would need to spend 90% of these 3 years in Damascus and, as such, we have some serious issues to think about. Luckily - or not - we do not have any children so aspects likes schools, playgrounds, mothers' groups etc. are not my concerns. But I have two major concerns:

1. How can I find a house to rent? Coming from the north of Scotland, surrounded by a forest and having a river running by the side of my house, I am not sure I could put up with a flat

2. Is it difficult to bring pets in the country? And, actually, this is our major issue - we have 2 dogs, a big parrot (Green Wing Macaw) which is very noisy and a little tortoise (it is not an issue since it is so small I could attach it to a necklace!).

Of course, I have the option of getting a person to permanently look after them here, at home, or put them in a kennel. But I just cannot live with the fact of seeing them once a year! My dogs would die without us! They are really clingy and adorable (one is a little Yorkie - 7 years old - and the other is a German Shephard - 11 years old). So, as you can see, it is quite hard for them to learn to live without us.

And I am not very keen in turning myself into a constant traveller - 2 weeks with my husband and one week home or whichever version comes first.

Could you, any of you, advise on the 2 points above, please?

Thank you very much!



Dear Emma
Your concerns are understood from woman who came from Scotland but you'll enjoy Syria for sure
New experience and joy bale country
Regarding an apartment in Damascus, you'll never find what you're looking for in the city; you'll have to rent a villa in the suburbs 20 minutes away driving from city centre
This also would be good for the dogs where they may find a place to play around
Entering dogs to Syria is possible as long as you issue them a passport and you husband has working visa in Syria so don't worry regarding that issue

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions and I'll be pleased to answer

My email address is


Dear Mr. Hassan,

Thank you very much for your great help!

If we come, I shall definitely ask for your help!

Have a great evening!



dear mirela
as hassan told you for renting hous thats not big issue and regarding your dogs also they are welcom too.... i do not know what are you worried about any way when ever you like to come here i m welling to help you but i have one idea why you do not come here for vaction torealax and see what is syria? and i m ready to show you every thing you like and put in your mind you will be safe in syria more than you are safe in scotland.....and you gonaa be surprise.... regards