Teach English: TEFL and what else?


I was wondering if I could solicit some advice: I am taking a 100 hr TEFL (60 hour class/40 hour online component). I would like to have suitable chance of teaching in Cambodia at a survivable pay. My high school is not complete and have no teaching experience. But I am a highly motivated native English speaker. Can anyone mention what I should or could do to maximize my possibility of securing a teaching position if I were to head that way next year with a bit of savings?

Should I complete a GED or Adult Learning Program to have a hs diploma equivalent record? I'm over a decade out of school and it's seemed a non-issue in my home country.
Should I budget to teach a few weeks as a volunteer to gain experience? Would this add salary value juxtaposed a similar teacher with no experience?
My course also offers extra online 'modules' for teaching for example English for business or teaching young children, at $400 each. Would these have value?

Thanks for any advice that you care to share! This is a great site!

Legitimate, quality learning establishments in Cambodia generally hire people who hold a CELTA certificate, have a degree and have prior experience teaching.

There are hundreds of 'factory' schools, which are geared towards making a profit as opposed to providing a quality education, which will hire people who's only experience and qualifications are a 100 - 120 hour TEFL course.

Are you taking your course through the International TEFL Academy by chance?

No, it's through Oxford Seminars. Has anyone heard much regarding their reputation?

Thank you for your reply rarky. I appreciate your frankness. Is it likely that someone with the desire to provide quality education would be limited in doing so by working with one of these 'factory' schools?

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