Employment Pass (EP) rejected & appealed Singapore,need experts advise

Hi All,
I'm foreigner.  I have 8 years of IT experience
currently i have 3 month of working experience in singapore (salary 4500/month). it's short term of project and its completed and my EP has been called via my current consultant and now i am visit pass (validity only 30 days ) holder and I recently got an job offer from one of the job consultant at singapore and offered me an fixed salary of S$4000/Month.
Need your advice of my EP status below.
My EP application was rejected a week after it was submitted by my employer.
My employer appealed it and and told me that these is no specific reason given by MOM for rejection.
I want to working in Singapore.

Now what can i do. please suggest.

There are many reasons why your EP could have been rejected, and it's not possible to deduce anything from your message.
Your employer could try to contact MoM to find out more.

Just one thought would be that if you are actually acting as a consultant on short-term EPs then that is not really a fixed term job and you may be being seen as a contractor who should apply for that status rather than as an employee. As I said, just a thought, because of the cancellation of your EP before time and the likelihood if another one is granted, once the project is over, it too would be cancelled. So an EP is not really the correct status.

Hi, when i was accepted  consultant offer that is one year of contract but they are assigned a one project which is only 3 month. now there is no more project is available in consultant  and they had released me.
That-way i want to change job but MoM is rejected my appeal...

Its quite clear what happened and only 3 months of work sounds a bit dodgy - its more like failing a probationary period. I still stand by what I said in my earlier posting. "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark" and the MOM want clarity about people who are job-hopping. The MOM will decide and you can appeal - Beppi can comment further when Germany wakes up!

Gravitas is correct, the whole setup (coming for just three months on an EP that was probably applied for as long-term, otherwise it would not have been approved), job hopping, low salary for 8 years IT experience, and using a job placement agent (which I assume is what you call "consultant" - Mom dislikes these) - it all looks dubious in MoM's eyes and might well have caused the rejection.
If the appeal is also rejected, prepare to return home and try to find a new job from there (preferably without agent, to have a better chance).

Hi, if i will return to hometown so it can be possible if any Singapore employer are apply to EP for me. so MoM will approve it.
i want to work in Singapore.

I got my EP application rejected, too.

Not sure why but the company that offered me a job said that they will reapply again and might adjust the amount of offer.

I'm having my first contract S$3800 per month as a recent graduate studenet in Taiwan, been working on my last job for 5 months.

By the way, I applied as an software engineer position.


if i will return to hometown so it can be possible if any Singapore employer are apply to EP for me. so MoM will approve it.
i want to work in Singapore.

Once your EP is rejected there is no way it will be considered again even if your employer appeals for you. what you need to do is to exit SG and apply for a new job in 6 months time.

Now I have got new offer to another employer. if they are apples EP for me... it any possibility to MOM will approve.
or one time exit is required. soon my visit visa validity also finish.
please suggest and do the needful

pawar72 wrote:

Now I have got new offer to another employer. if they are apples EP for me... it any possibility to MOM will approve.
or one time exit is required. soon my visit visa validity also finish.
please suggest and do the needful

Apples EP ?

MoM will assess your new application on its own merit.
If you cannot get another pass in time, make sure you leave Singapore before your current one runs out. Even a single day of overstaying will get you banned!

Your new EP will be assessed based on it's own merit. Experience in your field of work will be very useful in your field of work. Make sure your visit pass doesn't expire before your employer submits your EP application. An exit will be the best thing so you don't get into trouble with immigration.

Thanks Beppi and Nana......  my new Employer is say you can extend your visit pass and wait for one week...
1) If may i extend my pass so during of this time MoM will be approve my EP......... OR
2) I have to go back and wait for the approve, after the approval again come to the Singapore...
Please share which is best option or do you have any other option ... please suggest ...

It is not your choice:
If ICA extends your Visit pass (up to 89 days are theoretically possible) then you can stay longer. If not, you have to leave temporarily and return once your EP is approved - if it is approved: MoM (which processes EP applications) has nothing to do with ICA (which processes visit passes).

Thanks ..Beppi

If ICA extends your current visit pass then you can stay in SG while your employer submits your EP application to MOM for approval. On the other hand if your visit pass extention is declined by ICA then you will have to exit SG before your visit pass expires. You can return once your EP is approved.

Good luck on both applications.

Hi Beppi and Nana,

I have clear two interview and both Employer has been selected me. if both are appeal EP so what is reaction of MoM.
and i have already informed to both employer, i have go back to hometown.
If both Employer are apply EP so MOM will approve anyone request or they are rejected both.....
It's very critical situation for me .... please share your experience about of this situation...

You cannot have two EP applications running at the same time, only one. The second employer that tries to apply (not appeal) for an EP for you will be told it's not possible.

beppi wrote:
joeym37du wrote:

Hi Beppi,

I would like to ask if it is okay to grab 2 job offers both to submit to MOM. At least, this has the half probability of still landing a job when the other is rejected.

Thank you.

This is called KIASU in Singlish - you'll fit in well, BUT:
Not in MoM's eyes, which will not accept the second application (and may reject the first). You can only have one work pass application ongoing at any one time!

Two EP applications cannot to submitted at the sand time for one person by different employers. MOM will only accept your first application and refuse the second one. Don't make the mistake of submitting 2 EP applications at the same time or you will end up being rejected for both. The best you can do is to choose the employer who has a better chance of getting your EP approved.

Good luck.

my first time EP has been rejected , which same Employer again appeal my EP. MOM will approve this EP ?
and i have stop second employer all process because i never be lose this opportunity ...

As I said before: If an EP application was rejected, the appeal will also be rejected unless you add additional information (which wasn't known to MoM before) that rectifies the problems and reasons why the application was rejected.
If your first employer has already appealed (and that was also rejected), there is nothing more you can do, as you can only appeal once for each application. Look for another job/employer and let them apply again.

If your first EP was rejected chances of another rejection is very high if your employer appeals. From my personal experience I will advise you allow a different employer with a higher credibility than your first employer apply for a new EP for you and make sure to furnish MOM with genuine information that was not inclusive in your first application.

Good Luck.

Did you get your employment pass on appeal?

No, the appeal was rejected so I exited the country for a while and applied again with a different employer with more information than the first application that was rejected.

Hi Nana,

Ive read your post about this. Why is that so that EP once rejected has no chance in getting an appeal? Im in the same situation. My company wanted to appeal for the second time around with additional documents for justification but i am having doubts already.. :( i exited sg due to svp expiration. This company is the reason why i left my prev company :( so sad..

Ddmmbbaa: Every EP rejection can be appealed against - although only once (if the appeal is rejected as well, the decision is final). A second appeal is not allowed.
You should not have resigned from your previous job before the new EP is approved.

Hi beppi,

I would not resign if i am not certain with my ep to be approved. But since the initial ep was approved that is why i resigned from my prev job.

They didnt let me know that the co a withdrawn my ep and applied to the new company (co b). Perhaps They were thinking that it will still be approved until i get an email that they have issue with my ep that is why i was in shocked and really disappointed. Until my commencemenr was being moved and moved and uncertain. Hehe
Its really true that applying ep should be right for the first time. Some employees in Co A were already transferred to Co B but they do not have issues since they are locals. Not sure if im the only foreigner having issue with my visa since Co B is expanding. 😞

If company B is new, small and has not hired foreigners before, it might be that they are not allowed to hire any. MoM is getting stricter!

Hi again,

Im back in Singapore. I was informed by my employer that they have submitted an appeal with documents for justification. Ive been told that mom wanted to talk directly to the HR and now he is waiting for the call. Have you ever heard about this before? We have a positive feeling that mom will reconsider this time, praying and claiming for positive result.

Also, i was hired by other company and would like to Apply spass for me. I believe they cant proceed since i have an pending appeal. Am i right? Thanks for ur advise.

It's unusual thatMoM asks for a discussion. If possible, try to be present when they call!
No other company can apply for an EP for you unless the appeal is cancelled or rejected.

Ep and dp applied togther will the outcome comes first for EP or it comes together

Rifzabb wrote:

Ep and dp applied togther will the outcome comes first for EP or it comes together

Try to avoid replying an inactive thread (this thread is inactive since 2015) like the above.

Also, the statement you made (which I‘d re-phrase in proper English as „If you apply for EP and DP together, the result will either come together or separately“) Has no useful content. Or did you mean something else?

Wanna know results will come togther or separatly ?

So, your earlier message was a question to us! Next time write in a proper way so that we don't want to guess.

Most of employers here apply EP first, post approval of EP, then only proceeds with DP. It makes sense to avoid unnecessary waste of time, effort and little money.

But, if an employer applies both together then it's obvious EP should be processed and approved first followed by DPs.

Rifzabb wrote:

Wanna know results will come togther or separatly ?

surya2k wrote:

So, your earlier message was a question to us!

If you apply the rules of proper English, his first message was not a question, but his second message asked us if we want to know whether they come together or separate (In that case: Yes, we want to know - please tell us!).
But you are right, the guy's language skills are so bad that it's difficult to deduce what he actually meant,
Such people must have it difficult in Singapore!

Thank you