Sending passports/visa application to a foreign embassy?

Hello, I am trying to see if anyone in Venezuela who has gone through the visa process that can give me info? I am trying to figure out what company is best to send your passport along with the visa application? My girlfriend is in Cumana, Sucre, and most of the courier companies say they don't deal with sending passports and/or embassy's. I have tried Grupo Zoom, but they don't send passports, Tealca told us they don't work with DHL anymore and the nearest DHL office is in  Caracas, so would be better if she didn't have to go to Caracas unless it is totally necessary. Ipostel is out the window because they are soo unreliable, the man at Ipostel told us that MRW do not send passports, however there is nothing about that on MRW's website, can anyone clarify this? Or give their experiences about sending away for a visa application? Is there any other courier companies in Venezuela specifically in Cumana?
Kind regards,

Hi Kevin,

first of all: I would never send a Passport with any of those companies. Too many things get lost and Passports are very interesting to a lot of people.

An important question: who is going to apply for a visa at which embassy. The whole procedure depends on this.



If you are looking for a Visa for yourself, and you are in Cumana just go to Puerto LaCruz and apply. I got most of mine there. I tried a couple of people that promised to take care of it for me, but usually it costs a lot more money and sometimes I got nothing. If you are not in Venezuela I'm not sure how they handle the new Visa law. I have a resident Visa, but it took me seven years to get it. I sold my everything and left Venz in 2013.