Guy from Northern Ireland getting married in venezuela

Hello I'm new to this forum

How to get married in Venezuela and bring my wife in Northern Ireland?
Hi all I'm from Northern Ireland I have known my venezuelan fiance now for 3 years in March we met online, I have been to venezuela once and my fiance has been to Northern Ireland 2 times

We want to marry in venezuela what documents do I need as I been looking for info & can't seem to find any. And will the marriage be known international because I want to bring my future wife here in Northern Ireland and start our lives together

Thank you and hope to here from you soon all the best from royston


I am from Ireland (south) and got married in Venezuela nearly 8 years ago. It is very straightforward. At the time as far as I can remember I needed the copy of the Marriage course we had done, my long form birth cert and Proof of Freedom to Marry. I needed to to swear an affidavit before a Commissioner of Oaths first before bringing this letter to the Government offices. They then gave me a letter which i brought with me to Venezuela.

In Venezuela you need to have the Civil ceremony first before the Church wedding if you are planning to do so and can be done as close as days before.

Once you are married you need to have your civil marriage certificate officially translated into English, which can be done much cheaper in Venezuela. From there you can bring it to the Immigration offices (in Ireland) for them to process. I'm not sure if it is the same in the north but they usually give you residency first for the length of expiry of your (her) passport.

Hope this has been of help.
If you need any other advice please feel free to contact me.


Hi lovelymerida thank you for getting back to me :-)

How long did it take for you to be married in venezuela while you were in the country??

Well me and my fiancée are not religionist we would just like to have a registry office in venezuela something simple you know, will this be then known international as a marriage,

How do I go about getting a cert for free to marry. Do I go to the british embassy and they send one out?

Do I go to the venezuelan embassy for the for oaths ?

The rules here in the Northern Ireland are different from the south, :-(

Are you living in venezuela now are in ireland??

Thank you again you are a true gentleman :-)