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Hello my name is Carlos Pairazaman, I was born in Lima Peru and moved to US when I was 18 years old.  I am 65, hold a Peruvian and US Citizenships, and considering moving to Venezuela.  I have a few Venezuelan friends that I met in Peru on vacation and I enjoyed meeting them.  I am trying to gather information on what is to live in Venezuela.  I am bilingual and in process to retire.  First and foremost I am trying to understand how are the immigration laws for a Foreigner, and second understanding the risks to invest in Venezuela (which could be linked to the immigration status).  Any information on these subject will be greatly appreciated. 

Well the first thing you going to have to do is get your visa and since most of the Venezuelan embassies have been shut down you're going to have to go to either Canada Mexico or Spain in order to visit a Venezuela Embassy. Venezuela Embassy in Mexico City seems to be the easiest. You get your paperwork together you turn it in in person because they won't answer the phone. Then you wait four to five weeks and go back to Mexico City to get your stamp. Then you wait 24 hours in which after that you can fly to Venezuela. If I were you I would know people if you went there. Roaming around probably isn't the smartest thing to do but then again roaming around any big city can be dangerous anywhere in the world. I have friends in Venezuela and it is an amazing place it's a Hidden Gem unfortunately it was cut off from the rest of the world. Maybe one day things will get normalized but until then you got to take many steps to get there

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