Tips for getting your first job in Venezuela


What are your tips and advice for getting a first job in Venezuela?

What are the job hunting steps to follow? Where to look for offers: newspapers, Internet, recruitment agencies, word-of-mouth?

What are the top hiring sectors?

What would you recommend to young professionals wishing to start their career in Venezuela?

Thank you in advance for your participation!

Best advice as I see it is start your career in Colombia and come back here when the situation changes
Sad but true...Good luck !

Forget it!!!

Even a profesional as employee at present earns not even enough to rent a simple small apartment. Not to speak about food etc.

The only way to earn enough for a halfways decent life is to open your own business.

Very well off are those who get their money from abroad, like a pension or such. Due to the de facto exchange rate they are rich people, even if the get very Little.