Best Places in Venezuela for Creative Work?

Hello everyone

I'm considering a move to Venezuela in the next couple of months and I'd like to know where I should go.

I am a writer and voice artist, so I would need a city that has a large creative industry and a demand for native English speakers. I also have a lot of experience teaching English.

Are there any good local (English) websites for Venezuelan cities? I find lots of sites with "expat" in the url, but nothing that just focuses on life in general there: arts, entertainment, restaurants, jobs etc.

Any advice you can give me is greatly appreciated!


Hi Sam,

Isla de Margarita could be a good place.

Take care


Cool, thanks Lucy! I'll check it out.

Caracas is the Meca for Creative Works, though some cities like Merida can also have good receptiveness.

I really can't recommend other cities (particularly because I don't know much about that area).  Maracaibo doesn't seem a good place for this (I live in Maracaibo)

Hey Sam, im with Larca56..... Margarita Island is a great choice.

I would recommend Caracas but Im a wrriter too and Maracaibo is no that bad...