I am looking for a debt collection service company in Venezuela

I have a bad debt from supplier in Barquisimeto, Venezuela and looking for a bad debt collection service company.
If you know any good company please let me know.
Thanks so much.

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Are you an international company located outside Venezuela?

I live in Venezuela and I'll be blunt... if the company owns you money in a foreign currency (aka USD or any other).  Someone would have to review how it was acquired as MOST companies DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO USD.

They might even have the money in Bolivares (our national currency) but they might be unable to send payment because the goverment doesn't allow free currency exchange.

It is THAT simple in that area.  They may not be able to pay you even if they wanted to because they simply can't send you USD.

Please be more specific about your situation and I'll try to help.  This question is too general (you can post it in spanish if you like).

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Hi! I suggest to contact this accountants' firm so they can give you a better advice [link moderated]