Job opportunity search


I am moving to Venezuela very soon and Merida is my first destination. 

I would love to be able to work with the poorest and most vulnerable children in Merida and its surroundings, helping with healthcare, food, education and protection and working against child exploitation, neglect and suffering.  Not just with children but with animals as well.

Can you help, please?

I am not looking to earn lots of money but just having the opportunity to get involved and earn something to survive.

Many thanks


Hello Lucy!

You should post an advert in the Venezuala classifieds > social section.

I hope that it helps,

Many thanks Harmonie

Yes, this is option but I don't think this work as such.

It has to be people already involved in this type of project.

I am checking Charity Organisations in the UK who works within the Third World Countries but so far in vail.

With kind regards