Taking romantic photo in Shanghai

Hi all,

I'm travelling to Shanghai with my boyfriend and would like to take some romantic couple photos there (with the ambition to put them in our coming wedding album ^^).  Could anyone please suggest where we can take those vintage romantic photos?  Also I appreciate if you can please refer me to a freelance photographer for half a day.  Thank you!


Waitan(外滩) and Waibaidu Bridge(外白渡桥) are good for taking wedding pictures, :)

Thanks Ethan, I will check those places. I have also found Songjiang Thames Town, I hope I can get in there and take pictures too!

thats far from city center and not Shanghai Style(UK style town it is)

Yeah I'd like to have various styles - we did some sets in Europe, Vietnam and Thailand already - just casual and not necessarily real wedding pictures. :D