badminton in shanghai


What does this thread mean ?

Hi all,
I am looking for a badminton club to go at least twice a week.
Otherwise some place and people (middle-high level) to play with  :)
Anyone knows?

Have you found a place to play yet?

Anyone still looking to play badminton on weekends on regular basis? I live in Pudong area if anyone is interested.

would love to - depends where in Pudong..?  Since I live in Xuhui:

Honest with you I am not very familiar with the area. I live in Li Jin Lu near Metro 6 Jufeng Station. Not exactly an expat area but close to where I work. There is a badminton complex nearby here. I am willing to come to places accessible by Metro.

Hi SMS17 & SanjaLP,

I live in a condo in Pudong (near the Huangpu river) and there is badminton court. Would you guys like to join me for a game during the weekend (weekdays is also okay for me as my working hours are quite flexible).

My contact :  Mobile xxx


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Hi Jeff,

These posts seem outdated. Hope you will get an answer, however, just in case, feel free to drop an advert in the Shanghai classifieds under sport partners so that interested members may contact you.

All the best

Hi Bhavna,

Noted, and Thanks for your advise.


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