Drinks, meet new people and Rock/Indie Music Night in Shanghai


I've been in Shanghai a year now and am thoroughly bored with the music that is being played EVERYWHERE that sounds exactly the same.

So I'm starting to play at some small bars (for free).

The music revolves round rock/indie/brit pop and involves:

Arctic Monkeys
Bloc Party
Calvin Harris
Yeah Yeah Yeahs

(not always in alphabetical order...)

So if anybody else wants to show Shanghai that not everybody loves Lady Gaga and Justing Beibeiberywhatsitface.

We meet up weekly on Wednesdays around 9 at Crocus (528 Kanding Lu, Xikang Lu) where it also happens to be ladies night.

We're always looking for people to join us and hangout/have a flail (some people call this dancing) so come along new and old.

if interested find me on facebook.com/djjamjar or just come along

THIS IS NOT AN ADVERT - like they all say that... but really, I don't get paid for playing. I just like music and people who like music!

Songs to shout about.

What a wonderful evening this appears to be.  I will certainly be attending on a weekly basis for the duration of my stay in Shanghai.

Sounds gud...will join as soon as I come back to sh

woo music that isn't gaga. may be a bit too indie for my taste but sounds good anyway! apparently i'm moving into with some new flatmates  this weekend so I will see if they're up for it ( only been here for a day, but in an empty flat *sigh*). starting a real job on monday so shouldn't really do a wednesday night bender, but if you know of any fun things this weekend, give me a shout! haven't figured out how to bypass the chinese facebook boycott yet, but my email is maisie.e.williams @gmail.com.

i'm from durham by the way. so i like drinking :) and meeting newbies


Hey, just a heads up, I'm in Australia until March! My replacement is apparently not very good so beware!

Will resume properly the first Wednesday of March, see you there!

(Ps I have a few good friends who studied at Durham, they loved it! I can also venture away from Indie if requested :-P)

australia? niice. cool well i'll come along when the regulars are back on ;)

i cant wait..i'll be moving to shanghai in month's time from singapore. looking forward to seeing and hearing some indie bands play.

I will be there ! see you soon ;)

We can plan an event the 7th of march and check it out. Sounds like fun to me.

anybody plan something for this week end?

window bar tonight...

Missed ! for tonight anybody has a plan?

Hi peeps,

Am back in Shanghai! Gathering a team for Crocus tonight for pizzas and some beers. We'll be there from about 8 and I'll be controlling the music.

Come along if you fancy!

ill be there next wednesday ! :)

Well the time is nearly upon us!

if you have any requests I've set up this facebook page


so post up what you want to hear and I'll try to get it for you.

Ooh!  That sounds really great!  Good music and free drinks?  PERFECT!

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