Why you should visit Xingping

Updated 2011-06-22 11:29

Reasons why you should visit :

Easy to get to in 50 min by local bus from Yangshuo.

XingPing scenery is forever immortalized on the Twenty Yuan note.

1,800 years of history on easy display.

Spectacular scenery: Amazing Karst Hills surround the town.

The famous Li River passes by.

A photographer's paradise. A haven for artists.

A small town; an hour's stroll will take you all around the town.

The Old Town buildings have been protected by the Government.

View authentic old buildings still lived in by the locals.

Take leisurely raft trips to view the best scenery of the Li River.

Many easy scenic hiking trails leading to smaller villages.

Climb the lookout hill in the middle of town for amazing views

A much quieter environment than nearby Yangshuo.

A good selection of gift shops which are cheaper than Yangshuo.

No hard sell from local business owners.

Several very good restaurants selling Western style Chinese food.

English menus at the fast food, noodle/stir fry restaurants.

Delicious BBQ stalls open during the evening.

Very good accommodation available.

An excellent place to sit back & quietly enjoy. Quiet evenings.

No pollution'¦.clean air.

When the weather is right there are spectacular sunrises & sunsets.

A very safe place. Be careful of pick pockets during the busy times.

Hire a bike to visit the surrounding villages & countryside.

Enjoy the busy market day where life goes on as it always has.

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