new to shanghai....looking for good acupuncturist and yoga

I have been here just over a week and while I feel I am settling in, I've developed hives...verrrrrrrry attractive.  Am really looking to find a good acupuncturist and yoga studio.  My company has put me in Gubei so anywhere accessible from there is good.  I would also like to meet people.
Any tips appreciated.  Thanks.

Hi Ellen,

You may like to try out [moderated: no free ads], which is a cool and friendly yoga studio in Jing An temple.

People? You mean where you live there are no people? What happen to that city?

I'm surprised my post was moderated, as while it's true I mentioned the yoga studio where I teach, it seemed like that's exactly what* the OP was looking for.  Anyway, no biggie, I am new around here after all.  :)

* Or, at least, one of the things.

Yoga Rob,
Please feel free to insert an ad for it in Shanghai Classifieds -> Yoga classes.

Brand new to Shanghai and have seen classes for Yoga, but haven't heard of any pilates. Does any know of any locations that offer Pilates?


there's a famous Yoga club in XinTianDi area. Near West Huaihai Rd. Called Y+.

try that one. really famous and perfect.

awesome, thank you!

Yes, really its a attractive post to impressed any one for yoga classes to fit your body for looking fashionable.

Dear Ellen,

Go to Sino Health in Yili Lu, Gubei every near you and ask for Dr Peter.
You can say Dr Myler recommended you.

Kind regards, Stephen

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