Anyone intrested playing board game in SONGJIANG UNIVERSITY TOWN ?

Hi guys,

  My name is Dan, I've been living and working in China for 12 years now. I'm married to my wife from China.

  My last post regarding this topic is deleted because I write down my Wechat number, well it's my bad, I didn't read the rules of conduct first. Just a gentle reminder to everyone out there to follow the rules of condut. And now I have to write down all over again.  :huh:

  And for the love of board game, and the possibility of meeting a new expat friends, I will post it again.  :mad:

  In my humble opinion, everyone does love a challenge, and playing board game with friends will not only gives you challenge, but also lets you escape from daily routine and stress, and what I love most about playing board game is the social interaction.  (Board game is a great way to hang out and spend a quality time with friends, share some stories and experiences)

  I'm currently staying in "SONGJIANG UNIVERSITY TOWN". What with all the CAPS? because it is quite far from the city, and I don't want to misleading you (because maybe there are some newcomer and don't know where is SONGJIANG UNIVERSITY TOWN is) and go all the way just to hang out and play board game, but if you wanna go all the way through for the love of board game, then I salute you sir/madam!  :D

  For you that intrested to play and hang out together, you can add me and PM me or just reply this post. I welcome every genders, nationality and beliefs.

  "The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love." Hubert H. Humphrey

hey.  yeah i justed moved out here.  How should we get in contact? i dont play much board games though.  but lets see whats up

i like playing board games. How can i contact you


My wife and I have just moved here and we like playing board games. We're also currently living in Chingpu, which I don't believe is far from SongJiang.
Let me know if still looking for people to play with, and if so, please send me your phone number or we chat and hopefully we can meet up.

Take care


I'm interested. Please Pm me your contact info.

hi,I'm interested. Please Pm me your contact info.

Do you play chess

Depends on what kind of chess.

I can play 象棋, 军旗,五子棋...

International chess

I am from Thailand, just moved to Song Jiang a few months ago. I am very interested in this activity. Can you add me on wechat or leave me your email address?


Hi Dan,

I’m interested.


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