Looking for New Friends on Koh Samui

Hi ! I'm Jeff. I'm a 40's American male from Santa Cruz, Califorina, living on Samui for a few months. I like beaches, hiking, nightlife, thai food and markets, and meeting interesting people from around the world. I speak english as well as fluent french and broken but passable Thai.  Would be interested in meeting people to join up for exploring the island, going to beach, going out for food, etc. Male/ Female or couples all ok, I'm not looking for any kind of hookup, just cool / interesting people to get to know and have fun on Samui with. Thanks for reading - hope to hear back! - Jeff

Hello misterblue,

What brings you to Koh Samui?

How's life in Koh Samui?


hello. I'm here because it's beautiful, fun, good food, great weather....life is good, thanks

Hi, How can i contact with you then ?

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