Meet up all expat in Thailand

Hey Guys.

Have a Great Day!!

We are organizing an Expat get together here in Thailand most especially in Koh Samui we are calling all the expat that would like to join us and meet new friends,everyone was welcome and open for suggestion when and where.Looking forward to hearing from you soon....

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I know this is a very old post but I am on Samui and I would like to join if possible - thanks! - Jeff

Hey anyone keen on meeting up with a wandering Nz lass in koh samui. Arrive tomorrow for two weeks would love to meet some people in the same solo travelling position.

hi - welcome to samui. sure, i'd be happy to hang out and show you around. it's a great time to be here.  my name is jeff, 46 year old american.  you can reach me at **** - take care!

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Hi All, hope everyone is having a lovely day! I too am an NZer and am on Samui for a few months, I'm a solo traveller and looking for some pals to explore this lovely island. I have expat family here, but want my own adventures too. Bat woman, you still around?  :)

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