Indonesian Living in Romania

Hi All,

My Partner is a Romanian and planning to take me to Romania to live there permanently.

but one thing worry me is,that is there any Indonesian living in Romania ?
any help would be great appreciate.


Hello Kate,

Welcome to Romania soon!

From the city where I live (Cluj Napoca) I haven't met an Indonesian woman yet, but there are lots of Asians here, Filipinos, Chinese and Indians. I am one of the Filipinas.

Which city will you be settling down?

Best regards,


I will be staying in Constanta :) Hope things are well.
For now we decided to get married here in Jordan thru Embassy & Church.

Ate,how long u been married ?

Wow! you called me Ate. I am soooo impressed! Thanks for that.

We are married for 12 years now.

Constanta - that is a nice place, with beaches, it's summer vacation place. I lived there from 2007 till 2010. It is really nice especially during summer, lots of people and lots of fun! You will meet a lot of foreigners there too :)

Yeah,i heard that Constanta is nice place,something worry me tho...or i better inbox u ?

Hello Kate,

I am Indonesian, had been in Bucharest for 2,5 months last summer. Please contact to Embassy of Indonesia and you will get information about Indonesian Community there.

Btw, population of Indonesian people in Romania not so much, just under 100 people i think. 

Have a great time in Romania,

Mb tinggal romania mana? Saya tinggal di constanta .. Slm kenal ya mb .. 😊😊

@Ayu..Rencana nya kita juga mau di Constanta,but we both still in Amman at the moment..waaahhh soo nice if we can catch up in Constanta :)

Madam , is that u that i saw on the street cluj , and we passed by and u say hello? And smile :) , if am not wrong?

Nope ! you mistaken me with somebody else,we are still in Jordan :)

I wanna replay to estrellitam , but am not experts on this web and sudennly posted under :p senang bertemu dengan soudara juga

Ayu izbirera wrote:

Mb tinggal romania mana? Saya tinggal di constanta .. Slm kenal ya mb .. 😊😊

As this is an English speaking forum could you please post in ENGLISH only. 

Thank you.