Who can teach me Romanian?


I am a 21 year old Dutch student on Journalism. I live at the north of The Netherlands.

A year ago I found a radiostation called Radio21. Right now, I mostly listen to KissFM. It's my dream to be on a big radiostation.

I don't know if there are jobs enough for my dreamjob in The Netherlands. I know English very well, but I would like to learn to speak and understand Romanian.

Who would like to teach me Romanian? I can teach you Dutch or English in return.

ok ,
hi , sunt o doamna din Romania si daca vrei te pot ajuta eu sa inveti limba romana si sa - ti povestesc cate ceva despre tara mea !
kiss <3
o zii buna , frumoaso
adresa mea de Facebook : Carmen Britcan  :):top:

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Learning romanian is not so easy. The easiest way to learn is to socialize with as many romanians as possible. If you need any help i can try to teach you at least to understand it. :))

Hi !

I would like to help you out. I'm an 33 yo senior land surveyor . I would like to help you learn romanian and would like
your help to learn dutch . It will also be nice to have a new pen pal.

my e-mail is acpopa2002"AT"yahoo.com


I can teach you Romanian. I am a Language Trainer and I've been teaching Romanian and English for more than 6 years. I can recommend you some books and online resources.

hello ...my name is veronica i live in spain ..i can teach you romanian

my phone number is ..[Moderated]

Madalina282 wrote:


I can teach you Romanian. I am a Language Trainer and I've been teaching Romanian and English for more than 6 years. I can recommend you some books and online resources.

You mentioned that you can recommend some books and online resources.  I am living and working in Craiova and I really need to learn Romanian as quickly as possible.  I would greatly appreciate any resources you can recommend.


Thank you,

I live in bucharest too I want to learn romanian
any body can teach me.or exchsnge language

Hello! I am a qualified teacher with experience and I would gladly teach you my language! Just send me an e-mail with more info and we can get it started!
romanian.lessons @ yahoo.com

Hello everyone,

I would suggest you to post in the Classifieds section- Language classes in Romania if you want to learn any language or offer language classes.

Thank you

Hi if any one could recommend books or email me info as I am trying to learn romanian I live with my romanian partner and his parents in rogojel and am finding it quite difficult as he is at work most of time and I cannot communicate with his family unless he is here, any help would be greatly appreciated

I am living in romania six year and I could not learn the language. Any body would like to teach me.we can be a friend and exchange the languages. Let me know thank you.

If you are still wanna learn Romanian, the best way is to get in Romania and make friends.
Otherwise will take very long and is not very eficient.
But we can try if you want.

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ok  man i can teach you,,  im Michel,, im from egypt and living in romania since 2011

I can teach you Romanian :)

Romanian. I can teach you. Skype?

What books? Grammar?

Dear all,

Pls feel free to post an advert in the Language classes in Romania section if you seeking or offering language class :)

Thank you