Expats in Pitesti - Hoping to find friends.

Hi everyone!
Soon I'm moving to Pitesti with my husband. He is romanian and I'm from Turkmenistan. We are 30 years old couple without children. I'm  talking English and Russian but not talking Romanian. Hoping to find friends there! :)
Please don't hesitate to contact me :)

Best regards,

Hi im jenny also from philippines but im here in bucarest  im working here as a housekeeper

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jenny you dwell <em pipesti or bucaresti

I'm looking for expats in Pitesti, not in Bucharest :)

Hi Jenny,
I took a chance today and googled 'expats Pitesti' and found this site and you. I would love to talk with you and your husband. Does he speak 'engleza' also? My wife if from Pitesti (well a small village 40km north).  Eu vorbesc putin romaneste.

Hoping to hear from you! Meanwhile wishing you and your husband a safe and prosperous new year.

Richard Krieger

Hi i am from germany visiting romania if you like can contact me on skype at ahmmuz1