Car Loans for purchasing vehicle are available in Oman

Would like to know about availability of Car loans from banks & financing agencies for expats to buy a car???

All car dealers will arrange for almost full financing facilities. The buyer needs to only pay a small percentage of the vehicle value as down payment and the rest will be arranged at competitive rates of interest - just like a bank loan.

No need to go to a bank for this. There will be special financing counters in all the showrooms from where the complete paperwork can be done easily.


What about the avg. rate of interest and Avg. EMI for such car financing for a descent hatchback small car???

Choose the car you wish to buy. Go to the dealer's outlet. They will offer you the best deals.

Not only financing options, but an array of allied deals and discounts too.

Ok & thanx..

That is alright. But does anyone know about any Islamic Financing?

@ ghulamustafa, there are one too many Islamic banking options that are available for you to consider.

All the leading banks in the Sultanate have their own Islamic banking products and services.

I'm Tanzanian how can I get a loans of buses