Contract termination with bank loan

Kindly advice in the situation I've faced with:
I've finished my 2 years service in Oman and decided to renew my contract.
So now I'm staying on the grace period because my visa was expired and new documents weren't issued.
suddenly I was informed that company will be closed and I will leave the country with NOC

But the thing is I still have unpaid credit card and I really don't have money to cover it before I'll get a new job.

Will the border control officers see my loan during visa cancellation and is it allowed to officially cancel my visa and leave Oman and settle loan from my home country. ??

If they will stop me can I settle it directly at the airport and what going to happen if I don't have amount to cover the loan. ???
Thank you

Hi Severve,

If your bank account is tied to your employment, then to leave the country without clearing your pending dues would not be possible.

However, if your bank account is independent of your employment aspects then you could leave the country without anyone knowing anything about your pending dues.

Is it consider as a tied account ? if it's my salary account on which I received salaries

Severve wrote:

Is it consider as a tied account ? if it's my salary account on which I received salaries

Hi Severve,

If your employer opened the salary account on your behalf, then yes, it is a tied account.

However, if you opened the bank account independently, and provided your bank account details to your employer and asked them to transfer your salary to that account then it is not a tied account.

Dear Sir,
Yes, I've opened it by myself and after I gave my bank details to the accountant, so after that they started to debit money on it.
The thing is that it's not about I don't want to pay it
It's about that I need time to pay even from abroad

Hi Severve,

While your thoughts are noble, look at the practicality of the problems involved with making the payments from outside the country.