Unpaid personal loan in oman and filed case

I was in Oman for few years and I had to leave due to serious family circumstances. At that time I was working as cabin crew for Oman air.
I bought a second hand car with a personal loan and until I had to leave suddenly the country I regularly paid my loan.
After I left I was unable to return and I was willing to repay my debt of about 2.500 OMR using my end of service which unfortunately was never paid by oman air.
My financial situation and Covid did the rest.
Now I am regularly receiving threatning email by so called debt collector from India and other countries, and I came to know that bank muscat filed a case for my loan.

I would like to repay this debt and possibly cancel the case in court.

What shall I do? Bank of Muscat is not answering to my emails and I do not want to deal with these "agencies" as they are not connected with the legal system in Oman.
Do you have any advise or a good legal firm that works in this field?
If I will have the chance of transiting via UAE do I have to fear to be arrested?

Thanks in advance and good luck to everyone
Where are you now? If you are in Oman,  I have a very skilled respective lawyer who can handle the case successfully.

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@cesarboeing It's best not to negotiate with these so called debt collectors. Some of them are scammers. If you want to pay your remaining balance, try contacting the bank once again, perhaps by phone call or thru a trusted person in Oman who may assist you. I am sure the bank will reach out as you are doing something in their favor.

In my opinion, I think the airport police will not arrest anyone unless there's a valid warrant. Good luck!

I am exactly in same position.     I have tried to contact Bank Muscat but no one replies or seems interested to help.   Oman Air also used Covid not to pay my end of service money and due to the borders being closed due Covid I could not return to sort this out I was told if I did not return within 12 months I would loose my end of service payments

Only thing I know is not to return to Oman incase of being arrested.    Not sure about the rest of GCC but can only wait till I hear from a legal and valid source to try and sort this out

Hi. I had an outstanding loan of 9000 in 2017 when I asked to leave the job. Now it's 17000 OMR and I got an offer letter from oman. I would like to join and need assistance.


Helooo , i had the same issue i am also worked for oman air due to covid 19 they terminated me indian recovery agencies keep calling me and serving threatening emails unfortunately i can not pay there debts as i am physically not well . How do i know that bank muscat has file the case against me, if its like that it will be a problem ? Please reply me .

@Guest8913 helooo hope you are doing good, how do you  know that bank muscat has file the case against you . Please let me know i have the same problem like you .i worked for oman air i left my loan .due to covid . Coudnt pay the loan due to my health conditions. Still so if i get a job in another country it will be a problem  ? I just came drom UAE for sure its not a problem there but i want to know how do i know if the bank has filed the court case against me ???

@Asher Sheikh helooo do they call you to pay how do you know that you have a court case aginst you

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Hi Everyone

If Bank Sohar is pursuing legal action, I would like to know the amount of legal fees required to be paid. Is the fee proportionate to the outstanding amount, or is it a fixed fee? My total outstanding balance is 2500 OMR

@Asher Sheikh dear have you solved this problem?