Sbm debit card could be used in oman??

Hi guys,

i would like to know if i could use the state bank of mysore indian debit card in oman, as my family tickets from omanair is been refunded to the same and we have checked for the balance on bankmuscat atm. i wonder if i can withdraw money here or there will more deduction out of that.

Thanks in advance

Hi Deemonisha,

Is it written "Visa" on your debit card ?

With a visa debit card, you will be able to withdraw money from nearly any ATM however there is a fee when that ATM/bank does not form part of your local bank's network or is not affiliated to your local bank.


Thank you bhavna..

Hi Deemonisha,

Adding to what Bhavna has clearly explained above, you must also be aware that withdrawing Indian Rupees here as Omani Rials is not exactly a good idea given the huge difference in values while converting currencies.

The opposite in fact works well. You shop all you want in India with your Omani Credit / Debit card and on account of the currency conversion, you would be paying only a fraction of what you have paid for.