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What country do u guys think is more suitable for foreigners to live and work in? just curious kinda

Depends on your tastes, and how adventurous your are.

Anywhere from Afghanistan to Zambia. 

As Fred stated, depends on your sense of adventure.

Maybe Nigeria....

[at] Fred,thanks for your response but i will prefer a country where standard of living is kinda moderate and job availability for the skilled and unskilled labours


You would be hard pressed to find a country anywhere where you could get a laboring job. That type of work is done by locals and at a very low pay rate.

[at] Stumpy

Thanks for your response... so what will be your advice on getting a job overseas?

[at]Tonee1, i bet you've heard of something called "Google search". I suggest you first do some research based on your skill set and then ask specific questions.

[at]Chukwuemeka  If i haven't done my search,i won't come here to ask questions.i ask this question because when i make my search,i had different views from people and that makes me more confused... that was why i came here to ask people.... Really don't know where i went wrong by doing this... Thought this place was meant for people  to share there experiences

Stike Brazil off your list if you don't have some means of generating your own income, finding work as an expat here is darned near impossible. Bureaucracy wasn't invented in Brazil, but they have turned it into a SCIENCE.

James           Expat-blog Experts Team

[at] james

What can u really say about Canada?


Do you have any formal qualifications and if so what experience do you have in that field.

If yo are after skilled or unskilled laboring jobs then you will not find that type of work in any country.

[at] stumpy am a deploma holder in chemical and polymer engineering but i have skills in corel draw,power point and microsoft word and excel

[at]tonee 1

In that case you should research countries that have a good base or perhaps research fellowships in those engineering fields.
I think you will find these countries will probably be European or western.


Thank u very much,u have been so helpful man

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