How to get Married in the Dominican Republic

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It makes sense that residencia is required to apply for citizenship. Which country in the world will give you a citizenship if you don't even live on their territory ?

1/2 in jest .... have large box of tissues, close your eyes & open you wallet. If you are lucky, you will join the the small percentage of happily married folk.  It ain't luck, it's patience & smarts.

Two boxes of tissues and two wallets (one for the new esposa and the other for the familia) :D

And you do not need to be living here full time to get  your residency.

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So, if I were to be fortunate enough to even consider marrying and if she were a local lady, a Dominican National, I should become a resident first and the fees would be lower?  All great info, and this, along with the info on applying for a Residence Visa is excellent. I would certainly appreciate referrals to trusted lawyers. I will be seeking to have my divorce documents translated and will start working on the steps. I will also be visiting the Canadian Consulate while in Puerto Plata and Moca late Sep/early Oct. As I hope to raise funds (Cdn and perhaps USD) for business I might wish to pursue, I will have to learn the rules for large amounts of money to be brought in (up to but not over $500,000). So much to think about but the first step is see the country, and meet the people.... it would wonderful if that included expats as well as the local folks that have invited me to stay with them where I plan on learning Spanish by being immersed in the language and culture!

No the fees are the same,.  that does not change.

The canadian consulate  will not help you with business.   In terms of bringing money in for business investment that is fairly simple and also qualifies you for residencia. 

However,  open forums are not a great place to talk about  money.  Keep that private my friend.  stay general in those discussions.

Right - thanks.

Residence and residencia are confusing you.

Bob is right uou do not need a residence to get residencia. Its the Spanish term,  there is a whole thread about this.

And for the record - still looking Dominican husband so I can get citizenship!!!

A little help you guys???  :lol:

You are a gift from heaven.A treasure trove of innocence.  After a 5 year difference in age, for every .  If you have known her for 2 to 3 years, lived with her & know the true extant of her family, You may have a chance of a fruitful relationship, every , year beyond that is a 10% increase for the marriage to end in disaster for your relationship.  Once the extant of your wealth is know, you become a huge target for those of lesser moral values.  Oh, by the way I have a condo on a private island next to Mt. Duarte for sale cheap.  I wish you well in the impending storm about to engulf you.   I tell you fo tru meh son, tings are not de same road heah!!  Doth spake the Tinker, formally Gypsy 401.    Walk slowly, the price of the ticket for that ride can be prohibitive.

Glad to see you back

Bob K

but why is it usually "female monogamy" but male polygamy?

How sad it is that it's usually the male who has a wife and a mistress!

Its the culture.  You don't have to like it or participate in it.  It is what it is.

I dont like it either but as long as it does not directly effect me, it is none of my business.

Planner is right it is just the way things work here.  You don 't need to be part of it.

Bob K

Yet it hurts to see it!  Probably a reflection of the economic situation.

Nothing to do with economics at all. Its latino male machismo.

It is one of the many things that make this place "different" and "not like at home". 

Bob K

It is not the law.  You have probably heard that from people who married Dominicans with families that have little economic means.  It is a cultural believe to think that if you are a "gringo" you have a lot of money and you come to help the family of your love one!

Good Luck!

And easier, simpler way to get married would be like most of the locals do it. They just call each other 'esposos'....done.   Us gringos can do that too.

It isn't machisimo!  The French & other Europeans have as a matter of course, affairs & outside lovers. Husbands, wives doesn't matter. No one calls that being "Macho"!  It is the culture & that nature in the main doesn't require monogamy.  Usually in nature it is the strongest & smartest that get more. Strengthens the genetics.   Unfortunately, that no longer applies to humans.  It worked for primitive man, but sadly is no longer a factor in the betterment of man kind. It is a normal part of life.  Not yours maybe, but it is part of theirs'.

Any recommendations on lawyers that handle prenuptial agreements? I went to a law office in Naco beautiful offices, they spoke great English and by appearances I was very impressed. However the further we got into specifics I could quickly tell they  had no clue throughout the process and finally they admitted they had never actually done a prenup. Glad I vetted them well before hiring and paying their upfront fee they tried to get out of me. Also just curious does anyone know if a Dominican court ever ordered me to pay her alimony or part of my assets in an american bank would any american bank have to honor it ? Or would I be safe as long as I kept just a small amount in Dominican bank at risk to a divorce?

Wow glad you found out!

Law here is territorial in nature. They can't touch assets that are not here!  No jurisdiction in the USA on assets.

Let me ask my lawyer about prenups.

If the question arises. do not marry. Any doubts, eve a small oe, postpone the commitment at all costs. True love never requires such documentation. Never swim in uncharted waters.

Call Hipoloito Severio   *** He speaks several languages, has represented many, many expats here on the North shoreHe handled my divorce years ago. Easy to talk to. Tell him the Gypsy (Tinker) referred you. He is very well connected.  Good luck & welcome to the site.

Santaanita 2017.

The answer to your question, is that MOST men, unlike MOST women,  are not as devoted.  And, in my personal experiences, many single and married women, have flirted with me knowing I was married.  It is my personal belief, MOST (95%) women like to be noticed and admired,  however, the majority (well over 50 %) of them are not looking for anything physical from men.

Men, on the other hand, see it as flirting and in our vulnerable, weak minds, and cave man libido, we get weak knees along with our weak minds, and want MORE.  and I, having worked in Washington D. C. Where the women to men ratio was something like 8 or 9-1, hormones were bouncing off every monument and made it a monument(al), problem.  I thought I was a sex symbol.  Whatta place?  I swore I died and went to "heaven"gate. 

With that ratio, women were actually competing against each other.  Just imagine the dynamics?  How many would be sexually unsatisfied, notwithstanding, "alone"  when they returned to their little dog or cat every night with no one to love, much less have someone to talk with?  Talk about hormones and frustration?  Possibly,  that defines our nation's capital as the horniest piece of dirt, on planet earth. 

You can place all the blame on men.  But my dear, there is an old saying that still holds true.  "It takes two, to tango"! 

Your question would and could be equal or stopped completely, by one word. 

It is perfectly ok for all women to simply say NO!

Respectfully submitted.

Why the hell would any man in their right mind want to get married in this day and age.....especially marrying a local.

Well that clearly is your opinion many others feel differently.

I am planning on moving to DR in August of this year to Santo Domingo. I plan to marry a Dominican woman and apply eventually for citizenship. I am having trouble finding if it is legal for me to stay in the country while applying.  Is there a way I can legally move there and stay in 3 months?

Do what most do honey,  simply pay the overstay fee when you leave.  Next trip prepare all your documents for filing your residencia on the basis of family reunification.

Thanks Honey :)

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Hello, Planner! I found really interesting all the information provided, but what about someone from the European Union who wants to marry a Dominican? For the Residency Visa, do we need to wait a certain amount of time after the wedding? Can it be asked for in DR or should I go back to Europe just to ask for the visa in the Dominican Embassy of my country? Thank you and hope the thread is still opened ☺️

Marriage is a route to residency and then citizenship.

It may seem odd that you have to apply under current rules fot residency in your own counyry after marriage, but ask yourself what are the rules in UK and realize this is not unusual.

Getting residency in a foreign land should be seen as a privelage granted to a qualifying group. Right now it remains relatively easy.

I believe it's a 6 month wait after marriage. You go home to apply.

When you say residency is easy in DR I may agree if you invest 200k in real estate or business then yes but other than that what are the other easy ways ? Just curious because I did not see any other pay unless you had a pension.

Via a job,  via marriage or family reunification or via pension income or investment.

Lot Harder than it sounds. :) Just saying.

The process is not easy,. O!

Hey Tinker can you PM me Hipoloito Severio  phone #. thanks

Tinker isn't online anymore honey

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