How to get Married in the Dominican Republic

This thread seems as good as any to ask the following.  My plan is, after moving to the DR and meeting a potential mate, to keep my financial net worth to myself, permanently.  I thought I would make it clear early in the relationship that I have absolutely no interest in discussing money beyond monthly living expenses, but to assure her that they will be handled.  Beyond monthly needs I would keep my assets in my home country.  I don't ever plan on owning property in the DR so my modest net worth would remain a mystery.  My impression is that spouses want to be very involved in finances in some other places around the world.  Is it realistic to think that these would be acceptable terms to most Dominican women?  I realize I may be asking for a generalization that's rather broad, but any thoughts would be appreciated.

They will accept whatever you are offering..... in the beginning!!!! After that everything is up for negotiation!  :D


Counting Daze, good idea about keeping everything confidential you have to be careful because you never know if they try to set you up if they found out you had money, not that they are all like that but some are so take care in that regard. I'm not a lawyer so this is not legal advice however, As to keeping your money in your country I too thought that's all I had to do however I spoke to several lawyers in the country I am from and they stated that getting divorced in another country could indeed but your assets at risk in your home country. Of course you're future ex spouse would have to spend money on a lawyer etc to go after your assets in a divorce decree and it may turn into a costly process for her so the whole thing may be a moot point anyway. However, just to sleep a little better at night one may find the prenup may kill any possibility of that being an issue. The conclusion I came to was as I understand it that Dominican law is getting married under a community property regime. If you are from a state that is not a community property state you may want to google California, NY , and other states to see how bad that can end.   Ergo, the need for a prenuptial agreement may be necessary.  For clarity one would need to seek advice of their own lawyer.

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And yes a prenup is always a good idea.

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