Visa application for UAE from UK

i would suggest that you first get experience if you don't have experience
in uae you wont be able to get a job even if you come on a visit visa

I got my work visa rejected then visit visa,i was there in I am applying again for visit visa.... Have any body information how to sort out it If they reject it again. In emigration there is nothing against me,they have given security reason.i am law abiding person never did anything wrong in my life.plz help I want to see my fiance.she is working there.

hey does anyone know yet about process on the police certificate requirement from start of Feb, does it need to be attested by the Foreign and Commonwealth office in Milton Keynes before being attested by the UAE embassy in London? or can you just get it off the police and take it to UAE with you (or just give it to your prospective employer)


Thanks everyone! Does anyone know the cost of the visa on arrival?

UK passport holders can get UAE visa on arrival.

Can you guide me? I live in the USA and I will be moving to UAE very soon. Currently, I'm a freelancer and will be seeking a job very eagerly.

AED 120 for couple of weeks and AED 250 for a month (USD 1 = AED 3.674) I hope you are good in math

Wonderful.Very Informative


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How to apply am interested to work at uae..thanks

Doesn't your work just apply for your visa?
I mean - my husband had a work visa paper before he even set foot in Dubai.

Thank you for posting such a great article! I found your information is perfect for my needs.

PattyWilson :

Thank you for posting such a great article! I found your information is perfect for my needs.

Perfect if you like been ripped off! 😂😂😂😂

Do you know if the mentioned address works with others countries?

Please check here. … lities.php

Hello everyone.
I want to know about the Visa charges for UAE visa.
Is it necessary to apply through an agency?.
Is their any difference or benefit  between applying directly online and through a visa agency. ? … er-the-uae

You can get all the required information here.

Any source if you're applying visa for UAE from PAK?

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