Any ideas/suggestions?

Dobar dan,
My name is Phanny. I'm planning to move to ZG for learning Croatian, but I have not decided yet which school I should go and where to stay. I want to learn more about this beautiful country and culture. I have been in ZG several times and Split, Dubrovnik too. I really love Croatia and people there are incredibly kind. It would be nice to get help from all of you. If anyone have any ideas/suggestions, scream it out!

Hvala puno!

Hi Phanny and welcome to :D

I have created a new thread with your post on the Zagreb forum for more visibility.

If you have some specific questions to ask, please feel free to ask them on the forum. :)

Have a nice day


I am studying at Croaticum. 600/semester 15h weekly. Very worthy  :D

Hi ti all !
Do you know any good advice to spend a holiday in croatia? I know only one in Istria ( villas in istria: ) .. looking good :D
What do you think? Any other suggestions? :)

seriously dude only istra, nothing but rocks there shittiest part of croatia full of italian half breeds causing trouble 24/7. Go on a tourney, visit national parks, we got 7 of those, go south to Vodice in Dalmatia and further south to Makarska you'll see how shitty Istra really is, not to mention expensive for what they offer. peace

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