Hey folks, Can anyone tell me if Netflix can be used in Bahrain?  Or is there a comparable application?

It can be used ;)

Be anonymous on the network , BINGO  :top:

Hey, I'm all about being anonymous on the internet! Just how do I do that, please?

Use a VPN to connect via the US / UK or wherever your Netflix account is from. There are many VPN options out there. I personally use Tunnelbear. Previously used HMA Pro as well. Both are recommended.

I've got a netflix account from the UK and when i come to visit bahrain i can't access netflix using the normal login procedure online. However, if you have a VPN service that reroutes your internet connection through the UK/USA then this shouldn't be an issue. On my mac theirs an app called spotflux thats free to download thats let you do this and also another called TunnelBear.

Unless you pay for it though, the free service only gives you 1GB a month to use.

As the other guys have already stated, use a VPN service to change your IP address and you are sorted. I love HMA as it is very easy to use

So if I sign up to a VPN then I can sign on for Netflix? I don't have an existing account

yes fchaudari76 you could do that.

Once you are connected through VPN, your IP address will show to netflix as originating from US / UK or another country (depending upon where the VPN server is located).


Thanks. Will look into it once in our house and have proper Internet !!!

I bought a subscription form panther vpn ( to access netflix here in Philippines. Haven't had any issues with it. I found free vpn services to be a bit slow and unstable.

PantherVPN mostly do not work, their servers can not take much load of streaming, lets just say if there are 100 more peopl on same server it will probably slow down the speed. Vyprvpn is comparatively good but not the best, my recommendation will be PureVPN
My friend who works in Bahrain, uses it for UK ip to stream BBC i player ! it works fine in his Mac !

eventually Netflix just arrived in Bahrain without slow VPN but also with much less content

Another good tip is to install google chrome and then add on HOLA, you can set that HOLA VPN to USA or UK to get those programmes. I use netflix every day on that

I find VPNExpress the best for streaming Netflix from different territories... It costs about USD 40 annually but well worth the fees.

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